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  1. Here's my TR beware of nitpicking On July 17th Me and My friend got up at 4am to drive 3 hours or so to my sisters house in Locust Grove VA. From there we picked up my sister(and she drove to the park) to go to Six Flags America. The closest Six Flags to me I've never been........and ironically the first Six Flags I went to was Fiesta Texas..... ANYWAY driving up to the park I noticed there was no advertisement on billboards or anything. Not even a brown sign until you get off the interstate. But anyway once we got there I noticed the foliage in the parking lot was actually nicer t
  2. ^ I said this on BGEscape........why does everybody hate KDs Hurler? Last time I rode in 2006 it was fun!..........Carowinds Hurler sucks so bad its my least favorite coaster EVER. I rode it last in 2004 and it pulled a few shoulder muscles.......
  3. Then go. We know your stance. Why must you keep complaining? --Robb Because I want to, I'm just making a joke out of it, that's what the turing was for(HINT). Like I said before, you must had not understood. I would had wanted another type, meaing 1 big flat instead of 3 small ones, that's just my wants and desires, don't you have the same for some things. It's not that very hard to comprehend with that. I'm still glad we are getting 3 flats to add to our addition(if we are), but why knock me if I want a large flat (newbie), dam*!! Dude chill. Since 2007 we've added a Proslide
  4. I would have loved for a Giant Frissbee but this is just fine in my opinion.
  5. I'd love to try dude but when I go to an amusement park and start taking pictures I forget after a few rides thats what happened at SFFT .
  6. Ugh i'm nervous about SROS and its evil intamin seatbelts. I rode MF back in 2005 but I still had trouble with the evil seatbelt I weighed significantly less in 2005(no I didn't go to white castle and eat 100 burgers) its not really extra fat weight. I'm 6 foot and weigh about 260ish Im the dude in the weezer shirt haha
  7. SFGAdv would destroy SFA. Parc would have to spend tons of money to even come close to great adventure.
  8. Cedar Fair wont spend money on new trains when they have "perfectly good" trains already. But if it was Cedar Point...........
  9. No, standard B&M hyper trains have nine rows. Plus, the pictures confirm Behemoth-style seating. Correction: Apollo's Chariot has 9 rows.....
  10. Steel 1. Millennium Force 2. Apollo's Chariot 3. Alpengiest 4. Afterburn 5. Goliath(SFFT) Wood 1. Boardwalk Bullet 2. Lightning Racer 3. Thunderhead 4. Wildcat(HP) 5. Grizzly(KD)
  11. This sucks I loved that rapids ride back in 2001. It was fun I have a video of it somewhere. Psh wavepools.....
  12. Interesting. Looks like next year it's either Kings Island or Six Flags Over Georgia for me......
  13. I'm goin the 17th. I might take your idea it sounds pretty good. Tripadvisor makes the place sound really bad........
  14. I just realized >. The day im going to SFA is a thursday which means its on the stupid starburst concert thing series. Has anybody been on a thursday this season? Has it been crowded? EDIT: Okay im a little shaken about going after reading like 22 tripadvisor reviews. They were all horrible. I might decide to go to Kings Dominion instead afterall but I'm not sure yet. Like for example one review said they were scared to death walking back to their car in the poorly lit parking lot.......But then they love Kings Dominion and I've thought Kings Dominion is ghetto before. What do y
  15. I hope they paint it and give it a cool new name. I also hope they paint the entire Nighthawk coaster BLACK.
  16. Yeah I must say Carowinds is in desperate need of modern flats. Id say HUSS giant frissbee would be good. But I've always been biased for HUSS giant frissbees. I think something really cool the could do is build an intamin prefab woodie. WE NEED MORE OF THOSE in the world!!!!!! They're so good but we just keep getting the not as good GCIs. Come on industry more Gravity Groups and Intamin Prefabs please!
  17. UGHHHH I have a problem. The thing is with my trip to SFA I live about 5 hours from SFA youd think i'd of been there by now I'm 16. The trip is planned out like this me and my friend with me driving drive to my sisters house in fredericksburg and her and her boyfriend drive us the rest of the way to the park. Now that she told her boyfriend he doesnt wanna go to SFA cause his friends at work said it's a $%#@hole. He's never been but because of them he thinks we should go to Kings Dominion. I've been to Kings Dominion 4 times the only achievable credits without a little kid with me left ar
  18. I'm going to SFA 7/17. Can't wait hopefully the park will be empty. I hope to the dear lord that two face is fixed by then. Does anybody know the story behind why Two Face is closed?
  19. ^Ride stealthborg assimihawk anyway. It really is fun and its layout is slightly different from Batwing and X-Fireflighthawk. In other news according to Screamscape(i know i know) Flying Super Saturator is out Head Spin is in. I have no problem with it seeing as I enjoyed the boomerang at SFFT. I hope they try those new trains with just lapbars and give it a nice paintjob and a new name...........but thats asking a bit much of Cedar Fair.... EDIT: If this is true I would like to dub Carowinds: The relocated ride capital of the world! Coming Soon..........Hypersonic!(jk jk)
  20. Ugh come on Cedar Fair! Why do the other parks get awesome new coasters before Carowinds? wheres our GCI woodie and B&M hyper?
  21. I haven't been to Carowinds since 2004. Unless somebody gives me a free ticket I'm not necessarily rushing to go back. I love Carowinds it's the closest amusement park to where I live(...........about 2 hours away). I still need the Vortex and Runaway Reptar credits but I can live without those. Hurler is my worst roller coaster I've ever ridden. I'd say it's tied with Rattler at SFFT gosh they are both loads of suck. But I didn't ride Hurler in the front in 04 i think it might of been more towards the back which could explain my horrible pain inducing ride. But as far as I'm concerned
  22. Astroworld! I passed it on Sunday! I'm looking foward to riding Grass: The Ride!
  23. Hurler at Carowinds-I hurt for 3 DAYS after it it was so PAINFUL. Rattler at SFFT-OMG you can't describe the SUCK this coaster is. The drop was fun but after that the PAIN comes and then the 7 year bumpy helix. UGH it was so bad......
  24. Hey im going to Six Flags America sometime this month. It was either SFA or KD and ive been to KD multiple times and SFA 0. Also the $25 ticket helped. This will be my second Six Flags after SFFT(believe me im not expecting it to be close to the quality of that park). I'm hoping to GOD two face will somehow REPOPEN by then so I can walk out with all 8 credits like I did at SFFT. But I doubt it......Any advice for a first time to SFA?
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