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  1. I love this park in halloween....memories
  2. my homepark is Valleyfair! and my favorite coasters there are Excalibur (a steel-tracked wodden-framed coaster much in the way of Gemini @ cedar point) and Wild thing (a generic hyper thats still a lot of fun)
  3. this sounds really cool, I'm excited tyo see how this turns out!
  4. Im glad my home park gets another good ride!! i love livng like 7 minutes away from this park! oh, and i was going to take pictures but the whole back of the park is closed off due to the construction
  5. yes it is, and it is still quite fun! foton world looks kinda boring lol
  6. I've been on 2 screamin' swings, and they are REALLY fun ...except when the parks are being stupid and only running one side. Its a really cool feeling when the two sides scream past each other
  7. HA HA, thats really clever, if only I had the attention span to do something lake that!
  8. I think it might be cool if Disney treats it like a number one priority, other wise, they might have a failed venture on their hands
  9. 1. that ride looks painful anyway, I mean, it must suck slamming into the water at the bottom 2. I feel bad for the guy who's foot was in the air Its a really funny picture though lol~
  10. Thats really scary, but i guess all of the Six Flags and pretty much known for their ridiculous attendance rates.
  11. wow, Eurofighters look totally amazing, I can't wait to ride a real one if I ever get the chance!
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