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  1. Yes, I don't like it Ever slept in any form of public transportation?
  2. 1 pair of brown puma speedcat's 1 pair of kelly green high-top adidas (my favorite pair) 1 pair of red converse low-tops 1 pair of converse reinforced mid-tops
  3. wow, I heard about thins on the radio a few days ago
  4. Well, I'm glad that you made it our allright
  5. Mine is www.myspace.com/scientology_kills yup
  6. I just thought this was an interesting idea. Go ahead and take my poll and see the results!
  7. that is a really nice park, oh and BTW, what RTC2 expansions/downlaods did you use?
  8. Maybe in a flat, green area with lots of trees? I hate that movie/book good luck
  9. wow, that really sucks. But I know for a fact that when the TPR crew visited at least the park (ghetto disneyland) where Aska and BRMX were, nobody was there (watch the video). So its really not a suprise that these coasters are gone but I don't know if you can go on and say that the WHOLE theme park industry is in a state of shambles. Parks open and close every year and its never been a huge deal. Sure its sad to see occasionally a vintage coaster go, I don't think that the industry is doomed.
  10. that trak is SOOOOOO blue, I have a headache just from the color. But it is nice to start seeing some things take shape
  11. I've only been on one spinning Maurer Sohne, and it was AMAZING. so, much better than Zamperla ones indeed
  12. Hmm, I haven't heard of them either, but they sound like a good idea
  13. Wow, this is getting up so amazingly fast. And because we have been having a mild winter (so far) I don't think that the construction team will be in any danger of being snowed-out.
  14. what kind of freeze is red? Maybe a different shade of blue would be nice.
  15. Ha ha, that wasn't that great anyhow, even though I thought that it was only thing that made the ride a little more fun (well, after the half tunnels)
  16. That ride looks really fun, but I wonder that because it is built over an entire acre it might be less intense, due to the streching out of the rough parts. just a thought
  17. wow, I am really impressed. looks like a fun park to visit. also, have any of you been to or seen pictures of gold reef city?
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