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  1. ...wow I'm sure not sold on how much they are spending for the new "sensory experience" (fog machine in a tunnel, and maybe a rock speaker or two). I'm all for new trains, but the price tag seems rather exorbitant for what they said they are doing
  2. oooo, sounds like this would be something that I would be more than likley to go to. the famous Robb and Elissa less than 10 minutes from my house!!!
  3. AMAZING PICTURES!!!!! I never knew that china has so many themeparks that were worth visiting. Your pictures make me want tro visit soooo bad! great job
  4. well this is unfortunate. But at least it still is supposed to open, thats a plus right?
  5. thatparkactually looks like it would be a nice little place to visit after they finish re-modeling. Or maybe I am just excited because I have a thing for uirky little parks in the middle of nowhere...either way, this place looks like a lot of fun!
  6. I just can't get over how beautiful this park looks, and a great new coaster to boot! in soooo jealous
  7. Awesome photos, looks like you had an awesome time. I also hope that your U.S. experiance was good as a whole too!
  8. Great pictures. I always thought that it was kind of funny to see mistakes in park theming and otherwise when parks chang ownership. Its a little like finding hidden mickeys at Disney....kind of.
  9. Coastercameron what do you think will happen to the fountian. Would they just rip out all of the peanuts characters/themed play-things?
  10. only one tower makes sense, although I wouldn'tbe suprised if they sprung for 2 towers.
  11. Even though it wouldn't really stand for anything legally....its still an impressive step foward by a company that I would've never accepted something like this from.
  12. That would be cool, but I can't imagine how more than 2 or 3 themed areas would work out. I can only imagine how sadistic the childrens area would be...
  13. I wish that there was a fair right now by where I live right now. Oh well, only 1 more month before my home park opens
  14. I love how Hippo's sweater changed color halfway through the picture set
  15. Oh, and Sorry for misspelling "vegetarian" in the poll !Elliot
  16. YAY my homepark doesn't suck anymore, and this picture makes it offical!
  17. Oooo, give me more, congratz, I'm hooked (although you could work on the cohesiveness of your story a little bit)
  18. Imagine how reeeedonkulous it would be if a spinning coaster like that had an inversion!
  19. you should submit thoes concept pictures, they seemed really plausable as something in real life! GOOD JOB
  20. I tried to manually jump a stack of logs on one of my mountian biking excursions. (I failed horribly) it was 3 logs too many
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