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  1. Hey, we'll be there for our honeymoon, Nov. 6-15!! (Because we love to emulate you two.)
  2. I'm biased, of course, but I recommend visiting Reno over Vega$. It's got more non-gambling stuff to do, is right next to the world's most beautiful lake, and has awesome skiing. Then again, though, Reno has exactly zero amusement parks, unless you count the podunk little water park out in Sparks.
  3. The funny thing is, my friend Jason C. hates roller coasters, but the peep with that name in RCT2 seems to LOVE them.
  4. Or just do what I do and eat a big ol' meal at Denny's/Lyon's/wherever before you go in. Then bring PowerBars to fuel up as needed during the day. (PowerBars, Clif Bars, etc. are not food according to the federal government, and I've never had a problem bringing them in to any park.)
  5. I have met several people from LiveJournal (another site I frequent) over the years--as long as you use basic common sense and start out meeting the person in a public area, you'll be fine.
  6. I still need to post a review of our disappointing day at Six Flags Magic Mountain back in June, but in the meantime, here's a picture of Dione and me with a couple of friends we made. I should point out that I'm wearing my dorky "theme park glasses"; if they fall off on a coaster, I don't worry because these are old and my real glasses are safely in Zippy the Car.
  7. That Sucks!!!!!!!!!!! Losing a pet is always hard.
  8. Casa Roble High School (Orangevale, CA), 1994.
  9. When you go to SFMM, where do you stay? Dione and I had good luck at the Comfort Inn Magic Mountain in Castaic. We (ok, I) especially like how they thoughtfully provided us with a newspaper every morning.
  10. Remember how pissed I was at the Foster's Freeze in Castaic back in June, when my fiancee and I stopped there the morning after our SFMM trip? (June 13, specificially. We were at SFMM on the 12th.) To recap, I was pissed because we had ordered our food, finished eating, and were on the way out the door. Since we had a long drive up the valley to get home, we decided to use the bathroom. But the guy at the counter told us we couldn't, because we had already finished eating and were therefore no longer customers. So, we initated a six-month boycott. I wrote them a letter saying that if they send me a formal, personalized apology, I would be happy to overlook the whole matter. The letter came yesterday from the corporate office in Rancho Cucamonga. They were quite appalled at the behavior, and said we should never have been denied restroom access, given that we had just eaten and spent $12 on food. So, once again, everyone, feel free to eat at the Castaic Fosters Freeze (about 3 exits up the road from SFMM--Lake Something or other Rd. (Hughes, I think?) Thanks, everyone, for your support, and for the successful boycott!! Hip hip HOORAY!!! (If you want to read the actual letter, it's up at www.jamesumbach.com .)
  11. Thanks!! Funny thing is, Dione grew up in Reno. (Sparks, actually, the next town over.) Whoever would have thought she'd end up coming back? She loves it, though, and so do I. Much smaller than Sac and easier to get around in.
  12. Just thought I'd let everyone know that I am now settled into my new home after the successful move 130 miles up the road. Finally got the cable modem all set up today, so I'm back in business. Sorry I've been missing out on the forums!! (The fiancée and I did find time for a trip to SFMM last month, though, as a little break before I started my new job.)
  13. Of course, one of the major reasons to use obscure acts like Toybox in the videos is that it's easier to get copyright clearance: the band knows that their stuff is hard to come by in the USA, so they are likely to approve the use, since it's not cutting into their sales.
  14. I got laid off in January; since then, I've made $0.00. Good thing I have savings and freelance contract work, huh?
  15. Haven't been there yet this year, but my season pass is burning a hole in my pocket. Anyway, that Stargate ride was there last year, too. It's OK, but not the sort of thing that I need to see again. We were there for Fright Fest last year, and that show had been turned into some stupid thing with Elvira. I really think they need to change the theming in that theater's queue area; kind of odd to see dino-this and dino-that, when there actual show has nothing at all to do with dinosaurs.
  16. It was a stretch, but I figured if someone can go all over the country riding coasters, maybe there's somebody else like me who does it with buses and trains. I rode the LACMTA a few years ago; in fact, I got a special tour of the Red Line Hollywood extension before it opened. It was a lot of fun to go mucking around in the tunnel two years before opening. LACMTA, MetroLink, and Culver CityBus are the only L.A. Co. systems I've ridden. BTW, my soon-to-be-Wifey likes my transit-geekiness and wants me to continue. I just have to offload the scheds because, well, there are two of us now, and some stuff has to go.
  17. My story about that is [A HREF="http://www.livejournal.com/users/jumbach/347765.html#cutid1">here[/A] . . .
  18. I'm up to 58 or 59 transit systems myself . . . (Including a few close to you, but not the one in your town. But if we go down there for the BBQ in June, you can bet I'll hope aboard at least one route . . .) Five new systems this year already! (StaRT, Turlock BLaST, KART, e-Tran (rode it on its first day of operation!!!), Napa VINE)
  19. I have an Intellivision, Atari 2600, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis, all of which are safely tucked away high in a closet at Mom and Dad's. I don't think they make games for any of those anymore. Too bad; NES was the best system ever. (I think I'm dating myself . . .)
  20. Well, y'all have Elitch's, home of my all-time favorite coaster, Twister! Went there in '00; I've heard that the new Twister is a pale imitation of the former Twister.
  21. Hi everyone, I've posted this in my own journal, but thought I'd go here as well: Anybody else collect transit timetables, maps, flyers, etc.? I've got box after box of stuff I've collected over the years; sadly, most of it will have to go bye-bye in preparation for my upcoming marriage. Since I can't bear to just throw my beloved transit collection away, I'm offering portions of my collection free to good homes. Just let me know, and I'll whip up about 3-4 lbs worth of stuff for you. Requests for particular things will be accepted, but not guaranteed. (Most of the systems are ones I've actually ridden; others are things I've bought/traded for.)
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