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  1. Of course, in the case of Elitch Gardens, you can go park somewhere else and take the trolley/light rail to the front gate. As for the others, is there any place nearby you can park and walk? IIRC, at SFMM you can park on Magic Mountain Parkway, but it's quite a hike (you have to cross under the freeway, then walk a bit more)
  2. This is why you don't place caches near banks or federal offices. (From http://news.rgj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060119/NEWS18/601190363): Tupperware ignites bomb scare at Reno bank Reno Gazette-Journal STAFF REPORT Posted: 1/19/2006 A Tupperware container suspected of being an explosive device led to the evacuation of a Reno bank and Internal Revenue Services Office this morning, Reno police said. Officials at Wells Fargo bank, 200 South Virginia Street, just before 9 a.m. noticed a green container outside the building they believed could be a bomb. The building was evacuated and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms called, said Reno police Lt. Ron Donnelly. The consolidated Bomb Unit also arrived at the scene and dismantled the container, which was empty, Donnelly said. An IRS office in the building also was evacuated for about an hour, he said, and traffic had been diverted in the area.
  3. It is indeed Gary Sinise, not Jeff Goldblum. I got the two mixed up in my head. (I confirmed via a photo search at imdb.com.) Thanks for letting me know; I'll fix my review. Apologies to both Mr. Goldblum and Mr. Sinise.
  4. I have written reviews of our trips earlier this month to three of the four WDW parks. MK is at: http://www.livejournal.com/~jumbach/575329.html?nc=2 AK is: http://www.livejournal.com/~jumbach/575725.html?nc=2 And EPCOT is: http://www.livejournal.com/~jumbach/577182.html?nc=6 With MGM to come sometime in the next couple of days. Gee, I wonder what Dione's favorite ride is.
  5. why did the Super star limo ride off into history so soon? Is it because they built tower of terror?
  6. The wife and I just got back from our honeymoon in Orlando a couple of hours ago. We did all the WDW stuff, and I'll post a full review of each park later. Also, I'll find a couple of good pics from each park and post them for you. (Not all 933 pics we took this week, though--Robb would kill me! )
  7. Officially registered GOP, but actually Libertarian. -James "I lost in 2000, but it was fun anyway" Umbach (1998 B.A., Government, CSU Sacramento)
  8. I saw the show in Anaheim several years ago and was blown away . . . I understand that Orlando has a version now. Is it the same show, or is it different/better/worse? Does it even run in November? Dione has never seen Fantasmic!; I'm hoping I get a chance to show it to her.
  9. So I will now proudly refer to the Metro station at Imperial and Wilmington by its proper name, Rosa Parks Station. I don't believe in naming public facilities after businesses or living people.
  10. Upon further review with the fiancée, our Florida trip is still on for Nov. 7-14. In fact, I just bought our Cirque Du Soleil tickets a few minutes ago. James "Maybe the prices of things will go down now that the tourists are scared away" Umbach 12 Days to the Wedding . . . 14 Days to Orlando!
  11. In all honesty, I think SFMM is OK, but I think I'd rather go the extra 1/2 hour down the road to Universal Studios.
  12. Hi Robb and Elissa!! Our Orlando trip commences in just 21 days!! (Our wedding is Nov. 5, we fly to Orlando Nov. 7.) I bought us two 4-day "Park Hopper" passes. In your opinion, which of the Disney parks are the best to visit? We definitely want to do the Magic Kingdom and Epcot; is the animal park really all that great? (And how exciting are the water parks in November??) Also, I know there are no Six Flags parks down there, but do any of the other parks in the area honor their annual pass? We bought SFMW passes this year and never used them, except for a quick trip to SFMM. We want to get SOME value out of them. Thanks!
  13. Rather far away from SFMM, though. That's more convenient to DCA/Disneyland/Knott's.
  14. We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Castaic last June. We really liked it!! IIRC, we paid right around $70/night for two nights. It's about three exits down from SFMM. Lots of places to eat in the vicinity. We had a bad experience at the Foster's Freeze a block north, though. We were pissed until they finally sent an apology letter several weeks later. As for a good eating place before a day at the park, I recommend Egg Plantation in Newhall. I-5 south to Lyons Ave., then east on Lyons to Walnut.
  15. Hey Robb, Your e-mail messages (including Topic Reply Notifications) are getting marked as spam and put in my trash folder before I even see them. This is after I've told Yahoo! dozens of times that your messages are NOT spam. Any suggestions?
  16. "Look kids, it's Lake Ponchartrain, one of the five Great Lakes!" WTF are they teaching people nowadays????????? (Granted, though, that lake is bigger now than it was a couple months ago, but still . . .) -James "Only 21 days to go before we go to Disneyworld" Umbach
  17. Remember how I said that I would give this season three episodes before I made my decision? Well, here is my verdict: This current season, while interesting, is not the TAR I have come to know and love. However, it is interesting, as long as you're not expecting it to be like TAR--consider it a new reality show with many of the same elements of TAR. TAR-light, as it were. If TAR is DSL, then this season is dial-up. It will still get you online, but the experience is not nearly as enjoyable. This show is satisfying my TAR craving, though not as much as the regular two-man version does. Now, with that said, I had considered giving this season one more week. However, I knew that by that point, I would have too much time invested in the show to give it up. Therefore, it is my decision to go ahead and stick with this season. It was a close call, but I will keep watching all the way to the end. With the understanding, of course, that I reserve the right to skip the November 8 episode. Missing an ep of the regular version is a serious offense, but some leeway is granted this time around due to other events in my life. It is so ordered.
  18. Dorky line of the week: "What state is Washington, D.C. in?" "Ugh" is right.
  19. Aha, but I am a huge Civil War buff, so tonight's ep was fun that way. I'm giving it one more week. I think the quality of tonight's ep was a little higher than last's, but still not up to the usual standards.
  20. I am withholding judgment. I am not impressed with it so far based on the high quality of previous runs, but I am willing to give it two more episodes. If, after the third, I get distracted from the normally riveting show as much as I was last week, well, it'll be back to me and my books on Tuesday nights.
  21. Hee hee, because Pennsylvania is NOT a state, it's technically a commonwealth. (Like Virginia and Kentucky.)
  22. Or you can overpay by $5 or so, then when they mail you a refund check, don't cash it. The transaction is still open in the computer so it won't show up.
  23. There's no lava in Season Ticket Baseball, NHL 2002, Hoyle Casino, or Transportation Tycoon . . . But there is in one scenario on Roller Coaster Tycoon II. Those are the only games I play regularly.
  24. Hey, are you guys related to Chuck Alvey, President/CEO of EDAWN (Economic Development Authority of Nevada), Reno? If so, we're only one step away from each other if you believe the "six degrees of separation" thing. Just curious.
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