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  1. I thought this would be interesting (or maddening, in my case) since I know a few people here, including myself, work in Fund Development for nonprofits . . . Red Cross unit fires man for phony resume Marshall Allen, Staff Writer Whittier Daily News, September 23, 2005 PASADENA -- A Los Angeles man with multiple grand-theft convictions and a history of using phony resumes to gain leadership positions at nonprofit organizations has been fired for fabricating his credentials to become a fund-raising officer at the San Gabriel Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross. Fred Brito, 50, who lives in Glassell Park, was hired Aug. 10 using false credentials and an assumed name, Fred Brito Gomez, he admitted in an interview. He described himself as a five-time felon who has repeatedly fabricated his qualifications because society will not allow him to succeed honestly. "I have to survive, I have to work," Brito said. "If I have to provide a resume that is not quite accurate, I have to work. There's no trees that are delivering any money. To me, if society doesn't want to give me a way to get hired in the right way, then I may have to be dishonest in my resume." (The rest of the story is here . . . This is Jim again: Grr, this guy pisses me off. Entitlement mentality, "poor me because of choices *I* made" syndrome. Waa waa waa. I'd rather make $1 honestly than $10 or $100 or $1,000 dishonestly. I work hard for my nonprofit employer, and know how difficult it is to fill Development positions right now across the entire nonprofit sector. We don't need bozos like this filling up chairs that should go to more deserving, competent folks.
  2. Yeah, I agree, I would have wanted to slide!!!
  3. I thought it was an ABL team . . . but I don't think the ABL exists anymore. Portland Fire, IIRC? I'd have gone for Portland TriMet or Portland MAX myself, since that's the coolest thing up there. (That, and Powell's. 10th and Burnside--know it well. So does my credit card. ) ]
  4. Vegas? Bleh. Wrong end of the state. Reno has so much more to offer, and isn't ruled by the mob. I must admit, though, we have exactly zero roller coasters. So have fun!!
  5. Cool, thanks. Being an aviation geek (wanna see my FAA ground school completion certificate?), I was curious. I'm glad my hunch was right.
  6. It landed safely. YAY!!!! But which runway? It looked like they came down over the 405--so it's probably 7/25. But I can't tell for sure looking at the pictures.
  7. Grr. Why does BMG insist on packing its CDs in such a way so that you can't tell what's in the package without opening it?? The only way to see if it's a CD I really ordered is to open it to see--and if it's not, I have to spring for the postage because it's open!! Whereas, if they could at least put some indication of what's inside on the OUTSIDE of the package, I could easily tell and refuse it before opening!!! Grr.
  8. What if we don't really want your DVD, but want to make a donation to you in appreciate of the site? Is that kosher?
  9. I don't know man. It doesn't sound real to me. I mean, come on! Women play basketball in Sacramento. Are you sure it wasn't a bum fight downtown? Hee hee. I once saw two bums really yelling, cursing, etc. at a light rail station once. Whatever that one right in front of the mall is.
  10. Try it here: [A HREF=http://www.wnba.com/playoffs2005/index.html]WNBA page[/A]
  11. That IS odd. It was on TV in Reno, but not in Sac???????? Try channel 40 at 10:00. Or try KHTK 1140. But really, I am not making this up. Cheers!
  12. Wee-hoo!!!!! (doing happy dance) 20 years after basketball first comes to the city--- Of course, it HAS to be the year I move out of town.
  13. WOO HOO!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! 1 2 3 4 F WAS 0 0 0 14 14 DAL 0 3 10 0 13 For the first time in years, my 'Skins beat their sworn arch enemy Cowboys. (Does happy dance) My next sports-related happy dance may come tomorrow about 7:00 p.m. . . .
  14. "November eight zero niner eight seven Tango, with you level at one two thousand. Request vectors to LGB via Victor one two five. Information Zulu." "Roger, niner eight seven Tango, descend and maintain seven thousand, reduce airspeed to one eight zero knots. Turn right heading one niner zero, expect vectors to runway one six via one two five. Cleared for ILS approach. Call at Final Approach Fix." Oops, sorry, that's "Talk Like a Pilot" day. That's a different holiday.
  15. Oh yes, when I was in Virginia, and young and immature, I snickered often at the name "Wholesale BJ's." Trust me.
  16. Not to mention that a huge slice of pepperoni pizza at the food court will only set you back $1.55.
  17. Grr. The median is there for a reason. You're not supposed to drive OVER it to make a U-turn!! The expected procedure is to continue up another 50 DAMN FEET to the signal, wait for the green arrow, and do it there. That's exactly what I did. Sheesh, people.
  18. My license plate says, "VRZNRLS" OK, no it doesn't. But they've been awesome. Dione has had them for years and has never had a problem.
  19. A very common thought. Now you know why I switched to Verizon several months ago.
  20. AH, rats. That's the one ride I most definitely want to do, being a big fan of the Disneyland one. Oh, well. Thanks for posting a link to this.
  21. Oh, OK. I was unaware of that--I haven't been there since '03. Thanks for clearing that up.
  22. This is in my city, but I hardly ever go down that way.
  23. Yeah. I'm real surprised they don't have a bridge of some sort between DCA and its neighbor next door. That way people could go back and forth without having to go through all the stupid bag-checking crap and all. Once you're in, you're in.
  24. Hey there, Anybody know where to find the rehab schedule for the Florida Disney parks? It's gotta be online somewhere, but I can't find it . . . Specifically, we want to see what will be open during our trip Nov. 7-13.
  25. Or when you have to go get a key to get into it. It's like being back in grade school and needing to ask permission to use the potty. We're grown adults, we don't need to ask, and we know when we need to go!
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