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  1. ^ Thanks for linking to the photos! It really looks like you had a great time, and such a beautiful ship! Had you been on RCCL before?
  2. Did anyone manage to make it to this? I can't imagine that many people showed up...but I could be wrong!
  3. It's just pretty "meh". I have a frequent fear pass and usually would have gone a few more times just to walk around, enjoy the atmosphere, etc. This year the lack of atmosphere is really having me almost regret buying it!
  4. Are there any attractions which are "designed" to make re-rides easier? I feel like I have seen ones with a pass through that can be opened from the exit to the normal queue but I can't think of any specifics.
  5. So serious (related) question. Those of you who have not upgraded to Blu-Ray yet - do you have an HDTV and just don't see the need or do you still have a CRT/Tube/Projection tv?
  6. TPR is at the soft opening of the New Fantasyland and is live tweeting some awesome photos! Take a look https://twitter.com/ThemeParkReview and post your thoughts HERE!!!
  7. ^^ Dollywood is really on that park bucket list for me as well. Not to mention so many of the rides would be on my ride bucket list! I just have to make my way there one day!
  8. Awesome TR Chuck! I love the knock off Buzz Lightyear scene! How funny!!
  9. Sad to see a classic ride go, but progress is a good thing! Are there any "modern" enterprises out there that are like the ones from the 70s and 80s?
  10. I really feel that Fifel needs to go. It just feels incredibly outdated! Plus, how easy would it be to slap on some new theming in that area - it could be the spongebob playground with a couple of months work!
  11. Love your captions on the photos Megan! What is up with the crazy spiders in China?!?!?!
  12. ^ But they don't really need to compete with SFFT do they? I feel like the guests that would go to Sea World are looking more for an animal experience and not a ride experience, right?
  13. ^^ You totally need to get the DVDs! I mean, I still have the VHS also but "skipping chapters" means an hour of fast forwarding..
  14. OK - So I have to confess. I just funded the most ridiculous thing EVER. www.kickstarter.com/projects/tunaandtherockcats/amazing-acro-cats-and-rock-cats-purr-fect-tour-bus It's a rock group made up of cats. Please proceed to make fun of me now... Oh - and holy crap this is awesome - a house key (cut to your lock!) that is also a bottle opener! www.kickstarter.com/projects/1826936486/bohk-a-bottle-opening-house-key?ref=category
  15. ^Agreed - I am a Dolphins fan and somewhat confused by the NFL / Theme Park tie in outside of the name. I guess it is just another inroad to the S. Florida market which is really the main Florida market for Orlando parks.
  16. The trip survey is going on right now at www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=63517 and that has the rough idea of when the trips are going to be. More info will be available a little while after the survey closes and once Elissa and Robb get a chance to make decisions about which trips will work best. If you can do late June to late July the California trip might be perfect.
  17. Hey Guys! For those of you who think this looks cool - check out the Kickstarter for one of our very own members, Piano John, who is trying to fund a cast recording of "Theme Park Diva: The Musical". www.kickstarter.com/projects/440330215/theme-park-diva-2012-orlando-fringe-cast-recording?ref=live
  18. I've dabbled in Kickstarter a few times in the past but have recently become pretty addicted and wondered if there is anyone else on TPR who has used it. There have even been a few TPR/Theme Park things in the past! For those of you who are unaware - Kickstarter is a way to "invest" in all sorts of random projects and businesses. Everything from tech start ups to comics to movies to food! There is risk involved (the project could fail) but there is also the possibility of reward (swag or first dibs on a project!). Here are some of my favorite projects both past and current - post some cool ones you guys find as well! This is a TPR related one that unfortunately wasn't popular enough to be funded. That is the way Kickstarter works - if they don't reach their funding goal then no one gets charged. This was the Wild Bill's Dark Ride Paradise. There is also a project by one of our very own members - Piano John! He is doing one to fund a cast recording of "Theme Park Diva the Musical" which was talked about on TPR earlier this year. This has a ways to go in its funding so it might be a great opportunity to help a fellow member! www.kickstarter.com/projects/440330215/theme-park-diva-2012-orlando-fringe-cast-recording?ref=live Earlier in the year I helped to fund Charlie Kaufman's movie "Anomalisa". I am a huge fan of Dan Harmon (Community) and Charlie Kaufman so I knew that I had to help fund this. What cool projects can you guys find?
  19. ^ You are right! They are now in Hong Kong. Follow TPR on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the adventures!
  20. I also echo the thoughts about doing a TPR trip if your dates are flexible. There might even be a California one next year! - The concerns about the rental cars are valid - at your age you really are going to have to probably look at other options. - For California you could fly into one of the LA airports, take a shuttle service to a hotel near Disneyland and then there are day tours that are offered by various companies to SFMM, Knotts, Sea World, etc. You are locked into a set time schedule with the bus (usually one departure and return a day) but it might be a good option. - For Florida you could fly into Orlando and stay at a hotel that offers free transportation to WDW, Sea World and Universal - Probably in the international drive area.. DO NOT rely on public transportation in Orlando. It is *very* poor and will generally lead to disappointment and frustration. There is a tour bus that goes to Busch Gardens once a day from the Premium Outlet Mall area - I think its around $25 a person so that could be an option to get to Tampa. There are some bus companies or you could fly to get to Miami, but without a car it would be VERY challenging. Very poor public transportation and things are very spread out. - The Middle America part is where it just might be impossible without a car. So many of these parks are far away from a major airport... a TPR trip really might be the best option!
  21. I think mine really has to be Bizarro at Great Adventure - it just really comes together well for me and I feel that it being floorless actually adds to the experience instead of just being a gimmick.
  22. Thanks for the photos! It would be great to see more of the park as well if you have time to do more of a Trip Report. By the way, why do you have two annual passes in the picture? Do they issue you two for some reason?
  23. I was there on the rainy opening Friday night as well and I really feel like I have to give it another try on a non-rainy night because the experience with the scareactors in the streets just wasn't possible and that is a huge part of what they are selling this year. We managed to hit 4 houses - Universal's House of Horrors: By far this felt the weakest. 0 scares, cheesy rubber looking masks and really almost no strobe effects or gimmicks. I went into it expecting the blinding strobe experience that they have used in the past to disorient you and I was quite disappointed that it really wasn't that bad or disorienting. I do like the rerouting of the queue down the long back road but I was surprised that there was no decoration on the building at all - was that on purpose? Alice Cooper: Not as horrible as I thought! Really not familiar with his music and didn't quite understand why the show scenes were set up the way they were, but it really had some great visuals and some good staging for a tent house. Hardly any scares but I really want to see it again. The Walking Dead: I think a combo of not being familiar with the show and going through during a set change gave us a really poor experience. This is my huge problem with licensed houses, if you are not familiar with the property it ends up being a waste. And while I realize the show is very popular, I am sure at least a 1/3 of the people going through have never seen it. By making assumptions that people know it you are automatically alienating 1/3 of your guests. Not smart. Dead End: Just great - really impressive sets, staging, effects and some good scares. This is what Universal is best at - awesome soundstage houses with unique and creative stories. Bill and Ted - Surprisingly not bad! I want to see it again, but I felt it was probably the best one out of the last 4 years or so. Admittedly the last 4 years have been pretty bad, but this took the general story and turned it around just enough to make it feel fresh. The only WTF moment was the decidedly non-sexy opening dance number which usually is all about the skin.
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