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  1. That is really OMFG amazing! Can't wait to see the POV!
  2. Has anyone purchased any of the DVDs or Blu-Ray discs recently? I know a bunch have shipped out and we would LOVE to hear from any members who received them! Don't forget you can order them HERE!!!!!!
  3. Hey Guys! It isn't currently scheduled to be shown on TV - but you can watch clips from the episode and see some of our TPR stars at www.travelchannel.com/video/insane-coaster-wars
  4. Things continue to be very quiet at the site - has anyone heard anything else recently? Any rumors?
  5. Interesting idea but it seems they are shooting a bit too high for the start. "2-3 day stay" - why don't they shoot for one night stay to begin with for a new property!
  6. ^ It is also a VERY different time in the business world (and the world in general) than when those parks were built. Back then you didn't have theme parks run by publicly traded companies whose investors demand larger returns year after year no matter what it causes. There can be heart behind the company, but at the end of the day the almighty $$$ wins out.
  7. But I think that is the problem. There is WAY too much emotion surrounding this park and its existence. At the end of the day, it is a business. Either it is sustainable or not - no emotion involved.
  8. Awesome preview - thanks Jack!! I really know nothing about any of the licensed properties (outside of Penn & Teller) but the more I learn about the Silent Hill house, the more interesting it looks. Can't wait until next Friday!
  9. I disagree - it really isn't that valid. If it were the "Thrill Ride Awards" put on by "Thrill Ride Monthly" then yes. But these are awards that are supposedly based around the ENTIRE industry and should be keeping up with trends and what guests actually want.... not 30 enthusiasts in Ohio.
  10. ^ Agreed. Admittedly we don't have a really big wheel in Orlando (I guess the one at Fun Spot is the only one!) but I don't think there is really much of a draw! You wont be able to see any WDW parks from the wheel that well and the majority of what you will see is sprawling roofs from the convention center and hotels and beautiful I-4.
  11. ^ Agreed. Barbie is a huge and very profitable property not just with kids, but adults also. I would bet cash that there are quite a few adult barbie collectors with disposable income who will happily pay the upcharge for the experience.
  12. ^ I would venture to say that 99% of the GP don't know that the Golden Ticket award exists or even cares. They have strictly become a marketing tool by the park and even then its more "Oh, it won an award!" not anything more specific.
  13. ^ The problem is it is a delicate balance. What they need to get hype up is to get enthusiasts excited - we increase internet mentions of their property which brings them higher in search results which gets people talking about it which gets the news to report on it. What matters when it opens though is to get the FAMILIES to visit. They are the ones who spend money by buying full priced tickets, buying full meals in the park, buying on ride photos, lots of toys, etc. What do the enthusiasts buy.... a coke... and then complain about the cost of the food.
  14. In all seriousness, does anyone really care about Dinosaurs Alive? I feel like the addition of a larger kids area makes 100x more sense. For the folks that have been to a park with one, is there a ton of traffic through it?
  15. ^ The goal with a press release/announcement is to get people talking about your product (or in this case property). They did that 100x more than if they had just done a little blurb with "More Kids Stuff Coming in 2013!".
  16. One of the best things about TPR trips is that you will meet a TON of new and welcoming friends. Even if you can't find someone to go with, you should go anyway!
  17. OMG - these pictures are so awesome...and tragic... and SO much fun! I wish I was there with you guys, shared experiences like this are what make TPR trips memorable for a lifetime!
  18. Oh trust me, I know it is unique and I appreciate it. It just makes me not want to visit HoS any more frequently than once every 3-4 years.
  19. ^ This is great, but I do agree about the collectible piece. I like things that are hybrid like the AMC Stubs program where you still get a "virtual" movie stub to collect.
  20. QFT. I really worry that we are going to see the same thing in the studios once Potter part Deux opens. It has gotten surprisingly bad at IOA.
  21. ^ I think at this point its honestly too early. Quite a bit of the engineering is probably still being tweaked and the CGI video is really just for PR more than anything else.
  22. I think part of the issue is also that people seem to take this less and less seriously every year. Even Amusement Today doesn't have as wide of a reach as it did 10+ years ago (nor do any other magazines / newspapers). I know people that took voting seriously in the past and have just given up as they continue to see the results continue to be a joke. Is it a marketing tool.... yes... but a very poor one with limited reach.
  23. ^ Start planning now for 2014! The summer trips generally happen around the same time period so get some time off and tell everyone "NO WORK FOR ME!"
  24. Fun ideas, but keep in mind that most companies have policies to protect them from liability that require them to ignore any unsolicited ideas.
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