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  1. It's funny how these "zip line / suspension bridges" combo seem to be the flavor of the month for a lot of places. Is there really that much demand or is the initial investment just really low?
  2. ^^ They only used it once - I want to say it was for Sweet 16 when the Icons came together for the "party". Heres a pic of the building...
  3. Splash Mountain at WDW is by far #1 with Vahalla at BPPB #2 and Journey To Atlantis when the effects used to work at SWO #3. I'm surprised to see so many people list Ripsaw Falls as #1! I always found it painful with gross and moldy water and logs and effects which rarely work.... have I just had bad luck?
  4. ^^ Did you really ask for a Nightmaze house.. LOL. I doubt they will be any longer - they can't make the Sprung Tent ones any larger or really the Disaster Queue and the Herc and Xena was a pretty short maze the year they used it before. Hopefully the quality will be a bit higher if they do 7...but who knows!
  5. I'm excited to ride this at some point, although I do have to agree that the station looks like crap! So generic, plain and blah.
  6. ^^ But they didn't open a second park... they lightly re-themed an existing water park. I still don't understand who is going to this park and if it is actually doing well or not. NO ONE in Orlando is talking about it. I'm honestly still a bit confused on their expectations to draw from Orlando....
  7. I have always been able to do everything the first couple of weekends without an express pass - but you need to be there pre-opening and hustle to knock out a few houses before it gets dark and everyone else gets there. That being said, will you actually be living in Orlando? Buy a frequent fear pass and do a few days so you can repeat your favorites, have time to see bill and ted, etc.
  8. Yeah - this is starting to feel like a "oh crap, we took on WAY more than we bargained for" situation. I feel like if this gets pushed back to 2014 that it might fall through all together...
  9. Yeah - agreed. I have a feeling that scrapping it and possibly putting a custom design ride there down the road would be a better use of their time and money.
  10. I remember hearing some vague rumors that Penn and Teller would be involved with a house. Anything recently about that?
  11. In all seriousness is it worth the $$ in a kitchy "lets do this even though we know it sucks" kind of way? Are there any redeeming qualities?
  12. The biggest issue is the guy wants the safety requirement to be "grey" and for the park to go - "We feel YOU can handle this ride with what you have so we will make an exception to the rule for YOU". The park isn't going to do that because they aren't experts in what the physics of the ride can possibly do in a 100 different scenarios... the same reason why height requirements are black and white also.
  13. I thought it was interesting that the dates are starting a week earlier this year - 2 weekends in September! Also I am kinda excited to see what they do with the Herc/Xena queue - it was VERY awkward when they used it for a maze before.
  14. Wow! Awesome to see such unique parks and great photos of the non-park stuff as well. What are fortune teller birds?
  15. ^^ There is a huge difference between onboard audio and "lift hill audio". Rock n Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios does it with few issues. It can be done, it just requires a larger investment both initially and to maintain than SF wants to take.
  16. It is pretty cool they are doing a night time water park event. It's pretty rare to get to be at a water park after dark, but its a fun experience!
  17. Why am I not shocked in the least. I have a feeling it will be just the waterpark with a limited amount of rides for a few years until they can build up the capital.
  18. ^ Yes. Milling and creating parts that don't exist anymore (even with todays computer-assisted tools) is quite expensive. It all comes down to a cost vs. benefit decision for the park. If they feel that money would be better invested with a off-the shelf ride that would require less maintenance then I would bet Greezed is going away.
  19. Interesting on the website that it lists phase 3 as "Holy Land". I read quickly through the thread and I didn't see any mention of a religious component to it. I wonder whats up with that!?!?!?
  20. Thats a really unique TR - I love when they involve food! Thanks for sharing! Is there an admission charge to the fair also, or do you just pay for the food and rides that you want?
  21. So exciting! I think this is a great fit not only for Fun Spot, but something that Orlando and Florida sorely needed!
  22. I love the ducky hiding location in the light pole base cover - that is totally a Geocache type location!
  23. Seriously going through withdrawals also! I love NYC and this really was the perfect trip. I have to agree with Elissa that Molly's by far outshone the other cupcake options.
  24. Wow! I really have to try and make it out to Kennywood. It is great re-reading the East Coast Bash one also and remembering the great times that we had that day!
  25. Great TR! Not sure how I missed this before. How did the prices for admission, food, etc compare to other Six Flags properties?
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