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  1. Ferris Wheels sometimes freak me out a little, so I am not sure I could handle a 700+ foot tall one that has to sit through Russian winters!
  2. I don't want to be as bold as to say this will "make" Legoland, but the waterpark was the one part of Cypress Gardens that actually helped sell tickets and was a hit with a lot of the locals. I do feel that at the announced size it should be included in the park admission or at least the normal annual. I continue to hear locals complaining about the ticket price so I am not sure an additional bump will help them.
  3. ^ hahahaha! Thats awesome! Being from Florida I am generally confused about how snow works in general..
  4. There really is a charm to the old Super-8 footage. Thanks for these, Shane.
  5. So why didn't water parks work in vegas in the past? Was it because the "family friendly" push failed or lack of demand?
  6. ^ How does that work with the snow?!?!?! Do they close if it snows or just if it gets high enough, etc?
  7. It's so tough to look at the cruise trip reports!!! It makes me miss it sooooooooo much! I think we might have to do the ruins next time we hit Cozumel.. even with the scary boat ride..
  8. ^ Yeah - i'm on the fence though if Orlando can support another water park. If they keep the price super low it might work - but there is too much competition now with Aquatica. All the other water parks in Orlando are also "included" with various tickets which helps them to get business during the off season. It will be interesting to see!
  9. I have to take the other side of the fence here and say this is an INSANELY good deal. Think about it - a combo meal type thing with desert at a six flags park is easily in the $12-$15 range. That means this will pay for itself after 4 uses. Sure the food is crap, but it seems to pay for itself very quickly. Compare it to the meal pass at Universal Orlando which is $29.99 for ONE DAY and does not include drinks.
  10. Am I reading this right? So they want to offer food once an hour (or possibly less) each time you visit in a year for only an extra $50-70? Even with the lowest quality slop this will be difficult to break even on with most guests. Figure food cost on a burger /fries / desert meal is $3-4 minimum not including labor and lets say someone averages 1.5 visits to get food each visit. Thats $6 a visit. So after 10 visits it is a money loosing proposition. The type of guests who would buy this probably eat MORE than that and visit MORE frequently than 10 times in a season. Am I missing something?
  11. So Carnival announced some of their "Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades" in an effort to compete with many of the things that RCCL has done recently to plus up their ships. I have to say I am very happy.... since it will not tempt me to go on Carnival again... It starts off sounding promising... aaaaannnnndddd..... goes downhill from there. I know comedy is very subjective... but I don't particularly care for George Lopez. And a comedy brunch... WTF?!??!?!?!!? Ugh!!!! Guy Fieri!?!??!?!?!?! They really are catering to the Nascar and Busch Beer crowd. I mean, celebrity chefs are almost as subjective a taste as comedians....but come on! Next few things are pretty meh...not really game changers.. and ONE MORE THING! It's interesting that they are trying to push the "FREE FREE FREE" as a contrast to up charge restaurants on Oasis and Allure. I'm assuming its the same type of technique that SWA uses where the costs are baked in to an increased fare. Oh, Carnival....
  12. ^ Florida skippers represent... woo-hoo! I know what side I am on..... NO MORE HIPPOS!
  13. OK - I am asking this for my wife who plays RCT2 so I hope I am phrasing this the right way.. She is having a ton of trouble beating Fungus Woods without cheating... is there a trick to it? Thanks!!!
  14. God I love parks that are right on the water like that - they make riding even crappy coasters 10x more fun! Amazing POV of Great Nor'Easter BTW - crazy smooth for an SLC, makes me want to actually ride it!
  15. God, I still dream about those El Toro night rides to this day - it was AMAZING. Agreed about the Great Adventure staff - we had nothing but great things to say about them all day, very professional, fun and efficient!
  16. Wow! It is really strange to see these pics after being there a few weeks ago. I'd imagine they must be in a better position to bounce back if they realize a flood is possible - otherwise getting food product out of flood prone areas alone must be a nightmare!
  17. ^^^ Huh? I've been to almost every HHN in Orlando since the first one and don't remember them ever touching you. Tyler - I gotta disagree with you. I'm super excited for the theme - she reminds me quite a bit of the director who was my favorite icon of the past. The houses also seem pretty cool and I love the fact they aren't throwing Jack or a past icon in somewhere.. its all new (with the exception of Thing). Eh - who knows though. We will see after the first night!
  18. It says on the survey that it is between $1100 and $1200.
  19. Wow! I really have to try and make it to Great Escape... it has like a gazillion things I like. A great out-and-back woodie, old school storybook land theming and Cinderella wearing the wrong color dress! The roll back video was awesomely funny to see - what was up with the random Space Man theming in the park?
  20. Cool to see the tour! I remember doing the Busch Gardens brewery tour in Tampa years ago. What is Coors "banquet" and how is it different from normal Coors?
  21. I didn't see this thread the first time it was around but I have to chime in and tell you how impressive it is! Have you considered doing a high quality scan of these someplace like Kinkos? That way you could make it into a large PDF that is scalable, etc. I know I would love to be able to explore it a little more!
  22. Wow. That is seriously an INSANE amount of ERT. This event went from being an amazing deal to a RIDICULOUSLY amazing deal.
  23. Great TR! Thanks!! It is great to see regional waterparks like this. I was surprised to see the lazy river color choice was "concrete" brown and not blue or white like most waterparks. Any idea why this is? Is it an attempt at theming?
  24. ^^^ People go to Myrtle Beach...just the WRONG set of people for a full priced rock themed music park! All you have to do is drive around and see row after row of churches and families bringing wal-mart bags of food to eat on the beach. The combination of these two groups are not going to lead to a successful $50+ a day theme park.
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