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  1. Really good style and love the amount of work you put into it. It felt like a BBC documentary (and I mean that in the best way possible!).
  2. ^ Because everyone wants the quick buck. Its a much easier sell to investors when they think they will get their money recouped in a few years because of all these big spenders and the 3 day vacations. Not as easy when its 10+ years because people are staying for 3 hours.
  3. ^ I really feel like 4-D theaters are slowly dying. With the increase in high quality 3-D movies it really doesn't have the "wow" factor that they once did. A few in theater effects or basic movement and bouncing does not an experience make!
  4. ^ I really don't think it will have much of an impact on the park except they can focus the resources they were using on it in other directions.
  5. I think the queue was just designed in a time before much thought was put into queues into theme parks. Comfort and accessibility wasn't thought of as much as it is today.
  6. I think the biggest issue is the lack of a way to evacuate the riders in a timely manner. I think that is what the GP is going to have stuck in their mind after these incidents - 2 hours in the air is a *really* long time.
  7. ^ Hah! That was the exact same thing I was going to say. That and the track supports don't quite look big enough... scary!
  8. So with Windseeker being stuck again today - can you imagine being 400 feet up in the air and stuck on Texas Sky Screamer?
  9. Wow. I would expect that we see some sort of an extended closure after this if only to look like they are investigating it fully!
  10. So with all the excitement around the High Five coaster - is that considered a racer?
  11. What about the "big" drop on the side of the mountain for Expedition Everest?
  12. ^ Cool! Thank you. I would imagine they cater more to school groups and such than actual tourists?
  13. ^ Cool! What were some of the B&T references this year? Its always interesting to compare the east and west coast versions.
  14. ^ Yeah - its been kinda "off" the past few years. Still love the dancing and music but the comedy just hasn't been there.
  15. ^ See, I think Knott's is in a pretty good place right now with balance. I think they really need a good dark ride, perhaps 2 of them right now more than anything.
  16. ^ It is interesting how many of these Sea Life experiences Merlin is building. Has anyone been to one before? Are they really that special?
  17. ^ This stage show sounds like it could be pretty epic. I hope there is video of it out there soon after it starts!
  18. Interesting! It really seems like these emerging markets are seeing the benefits of fully themed attractions and experiences. Really great for the industry as a whole!
  19. ^ While that would be cool - its probably a lot more difficult from a civil planning / architectural standpoint than its worth. They might have some sort of mention or reference in the area to it though!
  20. I love that Tagada and I LOVE the music/DJ even more. I really hope I get to ride one of those some day!
  21. Orlando car rentals are some of the cheapest in the nation - I would do a "name your own price" on priceline (you can click "debit card") and shoot for the 15$ a day range. Or if you can get back to the airport you can do the official RCCL airport "transfer" which is on a shuttle bus. Not sure how much it is, but I have a feeling its less than $200. Have you also checked out the cruise critic boards for a roll call for your ship? You might be able to find another family in a similar situation and split the cost.
  22. ^ You don't have to really worry about Japanese rides being knock offs - just a lot of very unique stuff you wont find anywhere else in the world! Crazy dark rides and walk-thrus, interactive shooting rides, weird TOGO coasters that are one-of-a-kind. Of all the places I have been to in the world, Japan has impressed me the most. I would plan for that over California in a heart beat.
  23. ^ Yeah - thats what the photo posted above is, isn't it? It is starting to make me slightly nervous that there hasn't been any other work.
  24. After seeing those pics from the China trip - ""High Five Dueling Dragons" is now #1 on my list!
  25. ^ It is shocking how much it has changed from opening - it really is almost an entirely new park! Is there any other major park that has changed this much in just over 20 years?
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