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  1. My first visit to HW was this spring for the Thunderbird media event. Having always heard such great things about The Voyage it had a lot to live up too. And wow did it! I agree with what someone posted a few pages back. In every seat this ride is fantastic. It is just an intense wonderful out of control ride. I rode it 22 times that day. I think the remark I made that day was "Thunderbird is the great new hotness, but The Voyage is the MVP" It is a very closely ranked as my #3 favorite wood. Behind El Toro and Outlaw Run.
  2. I can add my 2 cents. Last year was the first time I had done the RIP tour and I loved it and thought it was worth the price (as a premier pass holder I already get a free admission ticket to HHN) so all I had to pay for was the $139 tour. In the years past (7 now) I have always done the express pass and on the more popular houses the express line can still have up to 45-60 min wait in my experience. On the RIP, your group walks up the entrance door. ZERO wait. AMAZING. Also on the RIP tour, your group is basically the only people in the house at the time. So when you go in they build a buffer into the line before you go in. I got every effect on every house. I remember literally running out of the Halloween house last year at the end since thee was no "safe" space to be in. I think all the prices for this event are too high, but clearly people are willing to pay it (GUILTY) but in the grand scheme of making most of each house, I highly recommend the RIP tour.
  3. How busy is the park on July 4th? I would expect it to be a madhouse. Am I right?
  4. I did a backstage tour with John Mulcahy (Director of Marketing and Communications) last Saturday and he confirmed that the path under Thunder Run will open up, allowing you to access the waterpark and T3 from there. The path back by Twisted Twins will not open until they have finished that area of the park.
  5. Wow, that looks super immersive. Guess we should have seen that coming from Phantasialand. Also, isn't that MACK track?
  6. OK, this looks insane. I think MM has a winner on its hands. Do any of you know where this will fall on the Flash Pass scale? Platinum only (like YOLO) or additional fee per ride (like X2)?
  7. Robb ended this conversation on day 1...lol El Toro would be the best option.
  8. Drove by the plant on Friday the 24th. Red and green track in the lot.
  9. Thank you sweet Disney Gods. Seriously an awesome move for the park. Now some of us locals who like to pop in, can ride with a reasonable wait time.
  10. Haha, good point. I guess when everyone saw how great (and lets be honest, much more comfortable) the Floorless train was, they suddenly lost interest.
  11. Shockwave at Drayton Manor is an Intamin and I believe that is the only one in Europe. I agree though that of all the Stand-ups I have been on (Riddlers, Scorcher, Mantis, Green Lantern, Carowinds Vortex), Scorcher is easily the best of the bunch. Very smooth, not painful at all.
  12. Was anyone on here at IOA for opening day or within the first few months? Wondering if the Dueling Dragons queue has ever been full?
  13. Im looking at taking a trip to SoCal in early December. What are the crowds like at the parks during that time? Im thinking DEC 2-10 time frame. Any help and advice would be much appreciated.
  14. Oh shit! I had do do a double take on that photo. I thought those were pieces waiting in the parking lot, not some awesome pre-lift bunny hops. Nice little surprise!
  15. Does anyone have a video of the ride before it was modified for the Lights Camera Action show? Just curious to see how much more substantial it was.
  16. I cant wait to see what that Blue Steel and Green steel look like once they are on some freshly painted white wood.
  17. Why was my previous post deleted? I was mentioning how I cant seem to ask a valid question without being accused of complaining. Ive been on these forums for 9 years now and honestly, I've never seen the censorship like this.
  18. Once they take over the ride and create a meet and greet, is there really any Norway left in the pavilion? The restaurant is already a character buffet, and one has to assume that the current giant troll gift shop will be reworked to be Frozen, so what's left, really? All I know is that I'm going to really LAUGH MY A$$ off at all of this when they actually do a very good job of integrating Frozen into the Norway pavilion, create a very good ride, and do World Showcase justice by not only bringing a much needed high profile attraction into that part of the park, but preserving the Norway feel which will make guests and fans very happy. Because I'm sure that's exactly what they are going to do, and all this bitching will be wasted internet bandwidth. Moreso than it already is. I'm not complaining at all with the fact they are bringing some new life into an old and mediocre (at best) attraction. I was just asking the question of, why not use a bigger space and do a large expansion? Such as a Cars Land or WWoHP. It seems there are plenty of fans of the original movie plus with the sequels and what not I'm sure the fan base will just keep expanding.
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