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  1. Hey, as someone who had bought a plane ticket and put in for time off work to be there this week (for the assumed media event, remeber the park never set a date for the opening) I'm not even mad. We knew the risk of this happening and you role with the punches. After seeing the testing video, how can you even be mad?! The best part? Now I can wait until later in the season when the water-park is finally open and get to experience that as well! Win-freaking-Win
  2. Haven't been following this as closely as I probably should be, but will this have the 270 degree twist on the way back down?
  3. Why do so many people on these threads just keep feeding the trolls? This "PhantomPoster" guy/gal clearly is craving attention or validation. As if the screen name shouldn't be a tip off of their intentions...
  4. I was at the press conference and have the video. If you would like to see it... Around the 6:30 mark I may have dropped a WTF when the knock off Helen Mirren was saying she has seen people healed by visiting their park. And maybe another when she said it was at least a 2 day experience, preferably 3. Its was a total trainwreck
  5. Rip Ride Rockit. I want to like it so bad, but its just a consistently bad ride.
  6. Found this great list of all the parks of China. Its not mine. Found it while trying to make something similar myself. I like to see things Geo-spatially. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=z2_C9zJ0zbu4.kIuCmHrUYKHg&hl=en_US
  7. From my conversation with the RMC guys at IAAPA, the T-REX track is indeed for the larger and taller models. They can do a traditional lift and/or launch. In fact the video of the concept they were showing off included both on the same track. The Raptor track is a smaller gauge of the T-Rex. The concept they were showing for this actually had 'in-line' trains and featured numerous airtime moments and inversions. I have video of both. T-REX (This concept has the initial lift with a mid-course launch where the two trains will duel on the same track) RAPTOR:
  8. I got some renderings of the T-REX track and the Raptor track at the RMC booth. Videos, if anyone is interested.
  9. Wow, this is such an odd ride. I think it looks like crazy fun! The size of that track is enormous!
  10. ^haha I would disagree since I have the same pair. Great video, this ride alone is the driving force behind my trip out there next year.
  11. Just speculation, but maybe something to do with the proximity of this site to the area where Universal may be wanting to expand? (ie: Wet and Wild Site is actually very close by)
  12. This looks so fun and a great way to put a small family park on the map! Did someone say it runs 2 trains? Also, how are these restraints compared to the kind on the Maurer rides (H:RRR)?
  13. I see this as a sign of the entire area being razed for the new lands. The park doesn't appear to be keeping the "Studios" aspect of the park. So it makes sense for these movie sets to go the way of the back-lot tour.
  14. Just a thought; Since its rumored that The Hulk is getting the new LSM launch mechanisms from B&M, would that more than likely mean new trains? And if that's the case could we see the new Vest restraints from the Wing and Dive coasters?
  15. Is that the same layout of White Lightning at Funspot? Looks like it to me.
  16. Question to all the magic mountain regulars. I plan on visiting Thursday, August 20 and I was wondering what kind of crowd I can expect. Is flash pass worth it? Or should we just try and hit twisted colossus X2 and Full throttle first?
  17. That red track looks an awful lot like Premier track. Like the Sky Rocket II models.
  18. I was just in El Paso, and L&J is fantastic. Great local food. Great prices as well.
  19. Can we all acknowledge this thing (Mertens S. Elias) is a troll? Not to mention a glorious Quadruple post...Someone get the ban button out.
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