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  1. ^agreed. Personally not a huge fan (like apparently everyone on here) of the film, but I feel like by including it into the Norway pavilion they are limiting their expansion of that IP. If that makes any sense. I guess they could eventually just takeover the rest of Norway, but do think they would do that?
  2. Just one guys opinion, Frozen was a fun, cute, animated film. But I'm so over seeing it everywhere. Hollywood Studios is effectively Frozen park right now and its pretty obnoxious.
  3. I would literally give my first born for those blueprints.... PS...I dont have children. lol
  4. Haha, well maybe those of you who hate getting soaked will disagree. LOL but after riding the two at SDC and Dollywood and having a blast, I have changed my mind.
  5. I think a Splash Battle would be perfect in the old Critter Castaway spot. My 2 cents
  6. ^Thats awesome. What a great perk for Pass holders. Love Universal!
  7. I just got back from Vegas and after riding El Loco, you guys would be lucky if you got one of those! Especially with a cool custom layout.
  8. It is in fact open as of about 5pm today. Keep in mind this is a soft opening.
  9. One thing that needs to be said is that this is THE MOST highly detailed attraction at least in this country, if not worldwide.
  10. I agree about Rip Ride Rockit. I've never had a great ride. Could have been so so so much better.
  11. Its all very technical...I cant give away our trade secrets.
  12. First a bunch of us nerds get on google maps and take screen shots of the area... we then draw lines all over the image representing where the track will go. Next we use a super high-tech simulation, such as RCT3 or even better NL2, to put these squiggly lines into a 3D world. Its a very demanding job, but the results are phenomenal .
  13. Oh, right cause you went to the future and rode it already? People on here complaining have a lot of nerve. Can everyone quit bitching already? This ride looks fantastic.
  14. ^Also, whats up with the walkie talkie? Why would you have that for the photo...Trust me, I know, Im reading way to much into this. Does Holiday World have some sort of fitness initiative with their employees? Ive noticed that the photos they have posted they all seem to be wearing the fitbit bracelets.
  15. Can anyone read the badge he is wearing? I feel like the clue may be hidden in the photo.
  16. I agree about Skyrush. A top 10 ride with the worst station layout. Was it Riddler's station that has the obnoxious diagonal queue lines? The longest of which being the front row?
  17. I think a splash battle type attraction in the critter castaway spot would be perfect. As far as the next coaster, I doubt 2015 would be the year. But, when it does happen, I would like to see either a RMC make-over of Gwazi, or tear it down and build a Skyrush/Mega-Lite in that location.
  18. I know this is crazy, so please disregard...but I had a dream last night that this was going to be a launched B&M wing rider. Probably what I would like to see happen.
  19. I was at the park on Friday afternoon on what I would consider a fairly busy day. So I decided to grab a beer at Hogsmeade and head to JP. While there, I decided to stroll down to the front of the Discovery Center and not surprisingly, there were no guests down there even though its arguably one of the prettiest areas of the park. So I started thinking, why aren't they using this are for an attraction?! Especially considering the Triceratops Encounter is out for the count. The area they have to work with stretches from the previously mentioned site of the old Triceratop Encouter to the front of the Discovery Center and over to the Jurassic Park gate to Hogsmeade. My concept is as follows: (keep in mind this is probably just my sleep-deprived mind running out of control lol) Just some ideas. Would be an awesome people eating attraction. - So the queue could start in the Discovery building on the first floor. They could also do a pre-show room with the rotating theater like in the movie. - The loading station would be in front of the building (outside facing the park entrance). Which would make it look JUST LIKE THE FREAKING MOVIE! The loading station would be right in front of the Discovery Center, JUST LIKE THE MOVIE! - The ride vehicle would move out of the station towards Hogsmeade where they could do a really cool outdoor section with some animatronics and some fun off-road hills/bumps/water pools. Then continue back in front of the Discovery building heading towards the Toon Lagoon side. This is where they could use the Triceratop encounter space for a show building (and knowing the magic that Universal Creative has shown us, I'm sure it could be spectacular!) - The vehicles could return to the side of the Discovery Building and that's where the unloading platform would be. Maybe theme it to a vehicle maintenance shed, since maybe your vehicle was just attacked in the show building So, if anyone at Universal Creative needs some ideas...please DO THIS! It would be much better than King Kong, which does not fit in Jurassic Park in my opinion.
  20. What about Fun Spot Orlando? I know they want to keep expanding and I think these rides would really fill out the park.
  21. So the newest clue with the photo of the ship seems to have the same effect that the photo of the dog did. There is something hidden in them. I just cant tell what it is...thoughts?
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