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  1. hydra

    Tokyo trip

    Thanks for the info. I definitely want to check out Tobu Zoo...looks awesome. Maybe a day at DisneySea or just Disney? Which do I get more bang for my buck or in this case...yen? The hotel I am thinking of staying is The B Roppongi. Apparently in the "heart" of tokyo. How bad to the crowds tend to be? During the winter months will these parks be open?
  2. hydra

    Tokyo trip

    Hey everyone. I am on deployment with the NAVY on the island of Okinawa. Im currently planning on taking some leave up to tokyo for 4-5 days. I have been a religious TPR checker for about the past 5 years and have always wanted to go on one of your trips. Sadly scheduling and the military pretty much prohibit that. So, I want to know, what are some must do, must ride, and must experience things in the city. What can I expect for prices at the parks? Easy buses or trains to get me there? So basically if you were in tokyo for 3 days where would you go? Thanks in advance for all the help. -Kurt-
  3. My question is: How are they going to keep the Jurassic Park atmosphere with that huge castle on the other side of the trees? Do you think it will somehow be blended in?
  4. Here is my floorless coaster Damien. It is very realistic, and B&M-ish. Im in! Fun Forest 4.SV6
  5. Haha, I got that. I just posted my park photos so if you wanna check it out:http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=533691#533691 Thanks once again!
  6. So this is gonna be one of those "watch me build my RCT2 park" type things. The park does not have a name yet so need some help with that. I would really like to here what you all think about my work, and give me feedback on what you think I should fix, or what you would like to see in the park. Also if anyone would like to help with the park I am open to that idea also. So without further ado... Future site one Future Site Two Overview of the park The Riddler and Mr. Freeze The Joker and Batman Metropolis The Raid (Flying Coaster) Flying Dutchmen (Water Coaster Deluge Blue Streak (name may change) Entrance plaza with Cobra Starship Coaster
  7. Well apparently I'm at nOOb at spelling n00b. Thanks for the advice though!
  8. Is there a way to upload multiple images? I created a photobucket account. Do I just link to that?
  9. I want to do one of those "watch as I build my RCT2 park things" and I have no clue how to upload images. Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. All I have to say is that the first half of this ride is absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. That first overbank-turned is gorgeous. Keep up the good work!
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