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  1. Thanks for all the comments. Another day, another Disney park : Disney's Hollywood Studios Hello Mickey We arrived well before opening time. So both ToT and Rock'n'Roll coaster were still walk ons I love the weather in Orlando The outside is better than the one in DLP, the inside is not better than in DLP The Velvet Underground Launch Crowds arrived in the meanwhile Here, we experienced our longest wait of the trip. One hour wait But it's worth the wait The great movie ride. Didn't ride it during my last visit. Some scenes are nice, but overall the ride was a bit boring I'm a fan of whole those perspective walls in the Disney parks. It's such a simple and I assume cheap solution, but it makes the parks to nice. Bugsland The streets of Orlando Best characters ever Although she could have me Chilling on the people mover That's for the next report.
  2. ^I didn't find that back on the site, but I went further through the ordering process now and found the general conditions and yes, they send it to the address you want, courier charge at buyer's expense. All you have to do is contact them on following emailaddress : support@whosin.zendesk.com and refer to your purchase you made and request them to send it by courier to your home address.
  3. I tried to figure out the info about the annual pass on the BJL website in dutch/flemish. As far as I understand, you can buy your pass online BUT after having done that, you have to download the annual pass subscription sheet which you should complete and bring along with you together with a picture (passport format) on your first visit and get your pass at that moment. I could get in touch with them if you want and ask whether I can collect the passes on your behalf, and send them by registered mail or courier to you but eventually it will quickly cost 20 euro more than your pass for the courier, and you also have to send yr picture + completed form to me by mail. Maybe you should contact them directly first, and tell them you want to buy their pass but you'll visit the park in Madrid first, before their park and see what they say. If they just need to sell as many passes they can, they will not really care and maybe do send them to you by mail.
  4. Cow udder. Baked, it's really nice. Zebra meat. It ate it at the restaurant of the african hotel in Phantasialand. Seriously the best meat I ever had.
  5. We visited PA last year, beginning of June. It wasn't like in July/August, but the park was quite packed for school weekdays. 30 minutes to 1 hour for the big rides was an average on the weekdays we were there. 90 to 120 minutes on the Saturday we were in the park. I can only recommend to get an express pass. You will be able to ride everything multiple times in 1 day. Without express pass, you will need two days to do the same and most of the time you will spend waiting.
  6. So far, the only times I had a greyout on a rollercoaster, were my rides on I305
  7. Awesome report. I really like Epcot, especially during the Food and Wine festival. Also the shops at the World Show Case are really great. I could spend a whole day at those shops. I also liked the Ellen ride. I was fascinated by the ride system and during the complete ride I too was trying to figure out how it works.
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