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  1. ^thanks Another day in Orlando, another day at Epcot Most awesome landmark of Orlando We would have loved to do another drink and eat around the world tour, but .... this visit would be all about Japan First a thorough visit to the Japanese shop i really could spend hours at this shop I have no idea why I took this close up of this. Japanese gardens And a temple ... And time for our dinner at Teppan Edo We were quite excited for this Our chef He was funny, but you could see it was just his job. Rehearsed jokes, it was just too obvious But it was fun, and delicious Volcano The reason why we were here And gone was the volcano It was an awesome dinner Sunset on the lake Hope to see you soon again And the evening ended at our pool as usual
  2. ^Jealous Just finished writing an email to Bpost. Except for the duties/tax they want to levy, our beloved Bpost wants to charge me an intervention fee too Anyway, I hope my nice email will do the trick and very soon I will be able to discover my bag of crap and write a big thank you to Robb and Elissa And I'm still very happy that I know where the package is and that Bpost didn't make it disappear 'by accident'
  3. Good and bad news. The good news is that my bag didn't get lost in the mail somewhere The bad news is that the Belgian post is holding the package, because they need to charge me import duties for it. I suppose they opened the package because there was a letter in the mail, saying that they couldn't find an invoice in the package and I need to inform them the value and send them a creditcard or paypal proof so that they know the value and can charge me import duties ..... I didn't read the letter myself yet (my wife at home called me about it) but ooooohhh, I soooooo 'love' this country. Curious how smooth it will go to convince them it's a gift and how much time and frustration it will cause to me before I can actually hold my bag of crap In any case, most important thing to know for now, is that my bag of crap didn't get lost
  4. All looks great. Really looking forward to revisit Holiday Park this summer.
  5. New year, new thread. Keep track of the parks you have visited in 2014 and post your list in this thread. My list so far is as follows : Total 2014 : 00 different parks = 00 parkvisits
  6. The original, without a doubt. I remember being completely blown away the first time I saw it.
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