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  1. Awesome report. Great memories. The hotel was really hilarious. I don't see the 5 differences though
  2. I bought two passes for me and my daughter last year and it was indeed worth every euro. First, you get to park your car on the busses parking, very close to the park entrance. You get an onride pic per ticket. The lunch is the best you can get in the park. And the front of line passes are really great. You enter through the exit and the ops hold the normal line as soon as the see you, letting you choose whatever row you want. We rode eg Oziris several times, each time frontrow. I would never go back to Parc Asterix without those passes.
  3. Bobbejaanland 35 min Efteling 40 min Walibi Belgium 45 min
  4. 2 small parks which were first timers for me. My expectations were quite low, but we a lot of fun at the 2 parks Old town Well chosen name as it looks old Let's try this before riding the coasters Let's dew it. Wind Storm if I'm not mistaken i believe this was the Wacky Worm at Old Town Hi Mr Muffler Kiddie coaster at Fun Spot We were very nervous And this must be the Rockstar Coaster Little bench Great place to spend an hour or two.
  5. ^thanks. I'm using the instagram filters. I know a lot of people hate it, but I personally like the filters very much.
  6. ^thanks. Busch Gardens Tampa : This was also my first visit to Busch Gardens since we didn't make it up there in 2004. Since we were going to stay late for Howl O Scream, we didn't arrive by opening time. i didn't dare to stick my finger in ... I again love the combination of themepark and zoo Amazingly fast Sheikra is awesome but Griffon is just that little bit better Splash zone What's up doc ? Our group Not that rough as expected Crazy advertising Best coaster in the park Such a great ride OM NOM NOM NOM. Best meat there is Better than this and this and this Or course we had these passes. And we were very lucky we had because this was a Saturday and the lines for the mazes were very long. 2 hours and more if I remember well Also included in our passes, were some tickets to play games. Nice intermezzo We didn't win anything though We found the mazes here SO much better than the mazes at HHN 3D maze This one almost gave me an heart attack Every maze at Howl O Scream was simply better than the ones at HHN. The event in a all was just better IMO. Better vibe, better scare actors, better mazes, more surprises in the mazes, ... The clown room was just the best. You know there's an actor between the dummies but you just can't which one is alive How YOU doin' ? Not that good obviously Hello there ! Love the lights on Cheeta Hunt End of yet another amazing day
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