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  1. On Tornado at Walibi Belgium, I was on the lift hill and I was able to open my restraints completely. I was about 15 years old and was in panic. Held on to death the whole ride.
  2. My daughter is in control of the music at the moment : What makes you beautiful - 1D
  3. Thanks for the comments. Now back to the themepark reports. Last year Octobre, together with 4 friends, we booked a holiday in Orlando to visit all the parks. Arrived at Orlando airport waiting for 1 friend who decided to join months after we booked our flights so he was on another flight arriving a bit later. Our fridge, shortly after arrival at our villa Waking up early because of the jetlag and seeing this. Excellent view to wake up First park of the trip : IOA. Since my first visit in 2004, I hadn't been in Orlando so I was pretty excited to see all the changes in the park. First coaster of the trip : Hulk. I remembered it to be a very goed ride, but this time I preferred the waiting area over the ride itself. Spiderman : since 2004 the best darkride I ever did. I still liked the ride very much, but I wasn't blown away this time. My 4 friends were Orlando newbies so they didn't know what to expect IOA is still my favorite park in Orlando More Hulk We didn't eat at Mythos in 2004 so this was for sure on our to do list. While waiting for our table, time for some pics or the area Shot in IOA (EB's tshirt) Thanks Universal for a great day At Mythos Me and Mike Hans & EB Love the theming inside Mythos Because I was still jetlagged, I wanted to eat light so I ordered sushi. I was so surprised to see my fried sushi. I never could imagine somebody serve fried sushi. The taste was great, but it wasn't light . I love the US Lunch was great. Time to go into the park again. Waiting times were quite ok. Harry Potter area I'm not a fan of HP, I saw the first movie long time ago. This is a great moment in the waiting area. The ride itself left me a bit confused. I'm still not sure whether I liked it or not. Most of the time, I didn't know what was happening. At least, I didn't get sick Loved these buildings though My favorite park area ever Discovery area I was a bit confused about these 2 guys. Are the 'characters' ? Or just employees ? They had a lot to discuss in any case After doing the boatride, we went back to ... Harry Potter world. The holding area before HNN starts is really great Time for the best event on earth .... that's what I expected and remembered from my last visit. Thanks On to the Studios Awesome ride Good Mummy haaaaaa ...... smoke Don't get me wrong. HHN is still awesome. However, it's not THAT good anymore. Some mazes in Europe are coming very close to Universal quality I must say. Except for the sound at Universal. The audio is still top notch. Europe is still way beyond reaching the same quality. My friend Michael Love this area but .... where are the scare actors in the park ?? In 2004, it was the year that HHN was in both IOA and USO at the same time, both parks were filled with scare actors all over the place. Ghosts & stuff Alice Cooper maze There were some great actors walking around later in the evening But I expected much more to be honest Yup, still at Universal Love this brand I see you ..... Although I wasn't blown away as during my previous visit, we still had an awesome day.
  4. Never heard of this before either. Just googled it and found a form to subscribe to the 3rd Brony meet in Belgium. The is weird, crazy and amazing at the same time
  5. Just discovered this report. Love it. About I corsari, the underwater part is so weird but at the same time excellent. It's like being really underwater. Something U571 does in reality
  6. ^Thanks. If you can, just do it and make it to Tomorrowland next year. It'll be 2 weekends next year. 360000 tickets which will sell out in seconds. Hope I will be able to get my hand on tickets again. It's the 10th edition next year.
  7. In fact, Whole lotta love by Led Zep on the B&M at Hard Rock Park was quite perfect in my opinion.
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