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  1. Legoland Florida. I never made it Cypress Gardens so this was an all new park to me. Of course, we arrived before park opening time The evening before, our good friend Roxanne flew in from Texas and of course she joined us in all the fun. Love this type of rides Mike eaten by a Lego shark Lego car First woodie on our trip We liked it I can watch for hours at those Lego miniatures Vegas baby !!!! The Cypress gardens are really stunning We all loved walking around in the gardens Erwin's new girlfriend Bye bye Legoland On to HHN, but first another dinner at the Hard Rock Café And some relaxing at the lake before going in the park We're back We entered the park through the normal entrance this time and now we encountered a lot of scare actors i think she likes me EB's t-shirt Roxanne getting in the right mood Walking Dead waiting row I'd never heard of the Walking Dead series before. Roxanne told some things about the hype and after getting back home, I saw the first 2 seasons in a few days time and currently I'm waiting for the second part of this season Time for a drink We had another great evening at Universal and another great day in Orlando
  2. ^Love the black and white pics. Thanks for sharing
  3. Animal Kingdom, my favorite park during my 2004 stay in Orlando. And also my favorite during this stay if Epcot, with which I fell in love during my last visit, wouldn't exist. First, we purchased our park hopper passes on beforehand. We also bought our Universal/Busch/Seaworld passes on beforehand. We had to exchange the voucher in real passes at guest relations. At Universal it took us more than an hour to get our passes. At Disney, it took us ..... I didn't time it, but it must have been less than 2 minutes. Amazing how smooth and fast we were settled. Secondly, I love the zoo/themepark combi as said earlier and AK is just like the perfect park to me. The park is simply amazingly beautiful Look at this. I would live here, forever. Dinosaur area I was blown away by Dinosaur the ride back in 2004, not so this time. I guess I was spoiled by other more amazing rides in the last few years This was still under contraction during my previous visit. To be honest, I didn't really like the ride. Going backwards isn't really my kind of ride I guess. It should be one of the seven wonders of the world The Himalaya theming is great though Batman F*ck you bloody tourists Hans' laundry Where's the elektro music ? Taking the train to the other part of the park. Love this game Oh, be quiet, surgery going on Waiting for the train Probably my favorite attraction in Orlando Words cannot describe how much I love this ride. What can I say, it's just stunning I don't know how the views from the AK lodge are, but if they are similar to these, I WILL stay at the lodge the next time I visit Orlando Yeah baby !!!!!! Once again, I love this park because of it's beauty Adam Ant Because the parks closes early, we combined it with a visit to Disney Downtown For a visit to Disney Quest which was included in our hopper passes While DQ is a bit aging, we had a fun couple of hours It was a while ago since I was able to play this arcade game EB is full concentration Guitar heroes Getting dressed for the virtual reality experience I quit after a few minutes. This was feeling so old. They really should get current technology in this place. It was fun to watch though The virtual rafting ride also didn't feel quite right but rather outdated. Mike skipped the raft ride and got a nap outside Waky waky We had dinner here. It was ok but we prefer Hard Rock Café. Planet Hollywood dinner And Mike was awake again after a visit to the supermarket
  4. Great TR. I really like these smaller parks. They always seem to manage, maybe not on purpose, to have this special vibe in the park.
  5. Difficult choice to make. I like almost all kinds of music. I voted techno because that's really my kind of music lately.
  6. Probably not the type of slide you would expect, but I consider it an alpine slide. It's called Fantasticable and can be found at several places in Europe. I rode the one in the east of France, near the Belgian border. Here are the short videos I shot. off ride [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/mR9eqll18hs[/youtu_be] pov [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/4oDlVe7v9TE[/youtu_be]
  7. Day 3 : Seaworld Kraken, still one of my favorite floorless I love the combination of a zoo and rollercoasters Manta Quite an intense pretzel loop I must say EB and Hans ready to go Yeah baby !!!!!! Love the close encounters When I show this pics to non theme park lovers, they really go crazy. In a positive way. They just can't believe you can touch a dolphin at Seaworld Manta love Hans !! I was getting a bit dizzy, so had time to take some pics Great 3D show though Feed me FEED ME !!!! FEEEEEED ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, like I would spend 10 dollars and feed you....... everybody on the net is supporting you Stonefish or something like that Shamu Shamu Shamu ..... Had to take a pic of this In Celcius, but gotta love it Still feel like a Rockstar ..... Our villa pool
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