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  1. Our last day in Orland, last park on our list : Magic Kingdom I love the opening ceremony. Although I must say I wasn't that blown away as I was during my first visit 8 years earlier. Don't know what it was, but it just felt different this time. Let's rehearse our dresses See . The mermaid ride was not really officially open the day of our visit But still we got our ride This one was closed during my previous visit, so finally got the 'credit' Gotta love jokes you see coming from .... at the breakfast table of your rented villa But who doesn't love elephants Bobbejaanland should have this, with all the kings of belgium, and you get to throw stones at the statues, and eggs, and rotten tomatoes, and use paintballguns and flamethrowers, and and and ...... wouldn't that be great The outside may not be as beautiful as for example the one in Paris, the inside is as least as good. Small world was a walk on so on we were. When our boat sailed, I suddenly heard somebody scream my name .... turned out to be an ex-colleague of mine which I didn't see since 10 years or so. She was celebrating here honeymoon in Orlando. I really enjoyed seeing her again. Lovely Mike Last picture of our trip. We were very tired after this awesome trip. I'm out of pics now, but I'm sure exciting things will happen soon and lots of pictures and TR's will follow. Thanks for reading.
  2. I use it everyday on my iPhone. Apart from the fact that I can't see most pics, it works perfectly. A while ago, it loaded very slow, but that was only for a few days.
  3. One hour after Dubai ? Qatar ? I have no idea where you are, but what I know is that 24 hours ago, this game was already on. I spend the evening at home, slept some 8 hours, woke up, showered, had breakfast, drove to work, worked 4 hours, was surprised to see you in AMS on my iPhone, did some shopping during lunch, ate delicious soup for lunch, worked another 3 hours, drove to the supermarket, bought food for next week, drove home, put everything away, had dinner, did some work at home, and now I'm back in my sofa, ...... and you're still traveling Wherever you go, have an awesome holiday !!!!
  4. Today was the day. My package arrived sound and well this morning I had to pay some 24 euro to B(loody bastards)post. But though I really really really hate them, I've never been more happy to give money to our beloved government than this time What a huge bag of crap. I loved to unpack it together with my youngest daughter. And she really loved it too. She put everything on the ground for the pictures. Here we go Here it is i'm very happy my friends in Brussels didn't open the package Look at all the stuff. I really don't want to call it crap Love everything in the box Thank you so much TPR. Thank you Robb & Elissa for doing this. Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!
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