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  1. When I posted this, I obviously didn't read the topic title too well and was convinced your first post were the parks you visited this year. So let me rephrase my post : You visited a LOT of parks the last 5 years Great thread Martin.
  2. ^ha, I've never eaten at Bubba Shrimp. I only love the brand name, because it's fascinating to me how the chain was inspired by the movie. To me it's just a strong brand, but I've never actually eaten there
  3. Not beer, but some Absolut wodka, Kurant flavor yesterday evening. Maybe a bit too much because my head still hurts
  4. With the .jpg extension it worked perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion Robb.
  5. I'll change the extensions and upload again tomorrow. Maybe it's that
  6. This time, when uploading my next update to the draft,it worked as normal. Only when I tried to include a panoramic pic, it gave a blank screen again. Without the panoramic pic, it uploaded as normal.
  7. Weird. i probably need a new Macbook. Thanks for testing.
  8. ^just sent you the panoramic pics which I had trouble with.
  9. Maybe it's just my notebook, but I had trouble uploading my pics for my latest TR. Multi-uploader didn't work at all. Always got a blank screen when I tried to multi-upload.But even with the single upload, I had troubles : sometime got a blank screen, especially with panoramic pics. Eventually got all pics uploaded one by one, except the panoramic ones.
  10. Day 2 Universal Studious It's such a great park Love the Minions Love the big beer cans What's this ? Fisherman's wharf Eaten by a shark ET Excellent place to hide for a thunderstorm Hardrock dinner Alice End of day 2
  11. Coke Zero, or light, or Pepsi Max, as long as there isn't any sugar in it
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