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  1. I so love this thread. In fact, it makes me be aware not to say my opinion out load at event or places I'm less of an expert at. Before you know it, you're quoted on a random forum and everybody laughs with what you said
  2. Another update. Last spring we visited Phantasialand. It was only 10 degrees C, but no wind at all. This was one of the first nice days of the year, not only for the weather. I combined this TR with the pics of our visit to Tomorrowland last year. That was one of the most perfect days of my life. On to the pics. Our first ride on Maus au Chocolat. It's a type of Toy Story shooting ride, which is of course great My best friend and her daughter My daughter and me Gotta love Kong Black Mamba : maybe not the best ride, but the theming is so awesome Meuh tower Good China I don't know why, but I love Phantasialand China Just can't get enough .... Africa in the sun One more ride on Maus au chocolate Tomorrowland 2012 : it was my first time at Tomorrowland. The festival sells out in seconds, if their server would hold the pressure. 2 million people trying to order tickets at the same time. 110000 tickets DID sell out in 1 (one) second 2 weeks later, but on March 24, 70000 tickets were put on sale for Belgians only. I was sitting in front of my screen at 11 am but the server crashed completely. I didn't sit the whole day in front of my computer, but I managed to buy 2 tickets that day, at ...... 130 am the next morning. This was already one of the happiest moments of my life. I had tickets for Tomorrowland !!!!!!!! First, lunch at a 2 Michelin star chef restaurant My friend and i, we're in On the day itself ...... we were almost in Tomorrowland is really at the perfect place. It's amazingly beautiful View from the ferriswheel Cloud rider, excellent name for a ferriswheel me my friend It would fit perfectly in a TPR trip Yeah, I will The event site is themed like cray. Like Disney/Universal style, although the whole thing reminds me more of the Efteling. Perfect weather Even the restrooms are awesome. Free deo included Baccardi house What ? I want candy !!! And beer Morph peeps Book of wisdom MainStage Cloud rider If you find your perfect girl at the festival and can't wait till you get home, here's the place you have to be. Free condoms included. Hidden forrest Selfie (word of the year in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands My brother, t-shirt wise at least We were there on the second day. I'm sure this guy was there also on the first day View on MainStage from the vip area Absolutely amazing vide View from the balcony .... So true Baccardi time More people at the techno stage now Time for dessert With 1 Michelin star chef Roger Vandamme We want more Hope you enjoyed. Next updates will be about our visit to Orlando 1 year ago Helicopters throwing down rose leafs Stage on fire The vibe at MainStage was something I have never felt before Madness These pics can't describe the amazing day we had at Tomorrowland. One of the best days of my life
  3. ^Haha, perfect description. I see and hear the concerts you attend in my head now Thanks for your comment
  4. I love this thread. In fact it also made me realize I shouldn't talk too loud at events or places where I'm part of the 'GP'. Before you know it, you get quoted one a cars or sports or whatever forum and all the people there laugh very hard with what you said ....
  5. Since I rode it last June, Shambhala is my nr 1 coaster. Such a great ride. Great pictures too Hanno.
  6. Or should I say, year in random pictures ? In this TR, only pictures of events and stuff I attended during the past year. Things I want to share here, but combined in 1 report because this is all non-themepark related. Still, I hope you like the pics. Aper'eau, the summer after work events in the city of Antwerp. Every 2 weeks at another location, they put up a bar with a DJ and about 1000 people are coming together for a drink in open air. In fact, it's a spanish thing. In spain they organise these random apero evenings via internet. In Spain everybody is bringing their own drinks and they just have a drink together. Here in Antwerp, it's more commercial with a bar and nobody is bringing their own drinks, but it's cool to come together with a lot of people during summer. Hope you enjoyed I had to go to Berlin for work. We made a TPR-style stop at this building, the bundstag or something like that. 'Get off the bus, and take some pictures. In 5 minutes we will leave' At the gasstation, my cool daughter gave me the devil sign Work invited some clients for a boat ride through the port of Antwerp. Having to concentrate and watch out what you say to the clients, is actually much more tiring than sitting in front your screen at the office. At least, you get to take some nice pictures In the back of the car of 2 friends, after spending the afternoon at Soulfest. A soul music festival in the city of Antwerp. Here's my good friend Michael emptying his glass while cruising through the city on to our next stop. Next stop Another Aper'eau evening with some colleagues Cirque@ttack, a free entrance festival in the village where I live. In the afternoon it's great to hang out with my kids In the evening with friends, it usually ends like this Antwerpen Proeft/Antwerp tasts : awesome concept. Some 50 restaurants sell their stuff at moderate prices and you get to taste all kinds of different stuff. And drink of course Me With my brother-in-law at a party for my youngest daughter Olmense Zoo. One of the best zoos in Belgium Close encounters My friend won 2 tickets for MDNA, worth 300 euro. I don't get people want to pay that amount of money for a concert of hardly 2 hours Even if it is Madonna. Heather Nova at another free entrance festival Casa Blanca One of my favorite DJ's : Dr Lektroluv And on to the next festival : Summerfestival. 60000 youngsters celebrate the end of the school year. We felt quite old at that festival Casa Blanca is held at a former abbey Another party we threw to celebrate the birthday of my daughters. Michael ended up in the swimming pool It was very hot that day, so the pool was really welcome Awesome day and party I don't even remember which event this was. I remember there was vodka in those things Another hot evening during summer at Bocadero Antwerp. One of the city beach experiences we have here Houza Palooza. Yet another dance music festival we attended Yeah, we're getting old And only dring water this time No angel Great festival though La Fuente And more Dr Lektroluv And clearly, this is Laundry Day Don't think I will go again next year. It's just too overcrowded Laundry flags My colleagues and me Michael and his colleague Gastronautica: an event for the branch I work in. The food always sucks. At least, there's an open bar I assume there is some wodka in this Sunset festival. One of the better festival I attended The settings at the lake are so beautiful Really beautiful We spend most of the time in front of the hard style stage. Aerial pic of the festival I borrowed some pics from the festival's FB page because they are so awesome Fireworks is always good Off-shore the place is called where I took this picture. It's at the left bank of the river in Antwerp. Exellent place to take pictures of the right bank where the old city is situated Cuba in Antwerp Muse in Antwerp I still like Muse, though I liked them more a few years ago Winter in the city centre park FĂȘte Burlesque in a castle It was a GREAT evening when these girls started their show. I have some pictures of the ladies taken some minutes later, but those will be too shocking for you Sensation White. Great indoor party. You can't get in if you're not dressed in white great great show It ended at 6 am Fireball !!! (or something like that) Flying persons Mr White My own f*ck you midget 80/90/00's party. What an absolutely great vibe Another Antwerpen Proeft/Antwerp taste event. This time we bought vip tickets. You get ample food tickets and more important, you can drink whatever you want at the nice price of 0/zero euro I really wish a could drink more that evening 2** Michelin chef food During lunch, I tend to go to this place near work. Excellent place to be on you own and relax a bit and just, enjoy life My youngest daughter asked me to paint her face for Halloween. She scared herself when looking in the mirror My daughter likes to prepare dinner during the weekend. I'm not exaggerating, but this was real good food Last Octobre we organized a party. This is me with my best friend. Btw, thanks Hans for coming over from Holland Some weeks ago, we tested an electrical car with some colleagues. it's a MIA car. The concept is that the car is designed like how a kid would draw a car. I admit, it's not the most beautiful car there is, but it's really nice to drive it. Some last pictures of my random TR, Swedish House Mafia They were doing a last tour before their split. This was one absolutely crazy night, I swear It's weird to call it a concert, because they're DJ's, but I have to say it, this was one of the best 'concerts' ever
  7. Bobbejaan Schoepen, the founder of Bobbejaanland, lived till his death a few years ago, together with his wife, who died only a few months ago, in their house IN Bobbejaanland. When they sold the park to Parques Reunidos in 2004, one of the conditions in the contract, was that they could still live in the park.
  8. Looks awesome. Curious to see what kind of ride it willl be
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