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  1. ^ Kumbak was first with De Vliegende Hollander... I've never understood where the ati rollback on this coaster is, and how it works anyway...
  2. Let's quote Ole Lange NoLimits developper on Coastersims.com: So this video IS official...
  3. Tonnerre de Zeus @ Parc Astérix is definitely NOT a terrain coaster, It's placed on a pieac of relatively flat land, and the only thing that it has related to terrain is a bi of pseudo underground tunnel... That's all... A Terrain coaster is a Coaster following the curves and shape of existing/ or realistically recreated hill or valley in order to : respeect law (Alton Towers ie), increase adrenaline and pacing on the ride. Enhance ride experience by hiding most of the layout, add earth interaction, give a more realistic feel and so on. A coaster wil a tunnel that was dug into flat ground isn't a terrain coaster for me... My top Three in no particular order: Nemesis, AIR, and Big Thunder Mountain @ DLRP. Some preference for AIR though, the sensation of skilling the ground is amazing
  4. ^ Rather a walk on... Schwarzkopf coasters are not called people-eater for nothing... The only exception are the shuttle loops than can't obviously have the same capacity as Olympia Looping...
  5. ^Ole Lang has confirmed that that Video was made using No Limits by Intamin, not a professionnal version, more of a customized one (some will know what I mean... )
  6. I think you over extrapolate my posts. To me Nemesis ground hugging corkscrew is much like BM's last crokscrew, ground hugging too. On one hand, Nemesis "only" does a turn into the brakes after that, on the other hand, BM does a lot of ground hugging and even ground digging elements. It's just better for me. When I talk about Nemesis beginning being original, I'm of course speaking layout-wise. It's somewhat a "never-seen-before-layout". That's why I say it's better than BM's which has more of a "B&M's classic" layout at the beginning: loop 0G, immelsomewhat.
  7. Smply watch the beginning of the topic you'll see the whole layout, they added some terrain afterwards, that's why you can't see all. I f you had read the topic from the beginnning you'd know the layout as well as us ... Anyway layout is Drop loop 0G roll "Immelkid", turn into flatspin, overbanked turn, second flatspin, veeeeeery tight turn very deep in the groud, weird lead out, 270 Helix underground, another weird lead out, right turn, another curvy leadout into a 360° helix going partly underground and then finally a rigght underground turn into the brakes.... One of the moste elaborated inverted B&M layout to this day with nemesis (nemesis has a more original begining whereas BM beats Nemesis on the ending, enough said...)
  8. I guess most most of the rides, if not all of them, you can take your cam with you in order to film the ride. Though, It will sometimes be quite pointless since moste of the rides are indoor, you can get acceptable pov of BTM and Indiana Jones, probably the powered coaster too, but forget SM and RNRC since they're too dark to render out well on a POV. I don't know very well about the tour around the park, but I'm quite sceptic with the behind the scenes part... I know that I read a TR somebody wrote about such a tour years ago, and I don't think they went backstage. It's basically for me roaming the park with an employee explaining you the rides, their storyline, some details any disney park fan would know
  9. I don't see B&M getting involved in a project and letting it down, more over for quite an "easy" project. They knew how to do a hill, a cobra roll, They shown later they knew how to make a wrap around inversion, they knew how to make corkscrews etc etc. B&M would never have let down a project like this, if they ever got involved in it... The only reason I would see B&M dropping out of the project (assuming they were involved in it which I donn't think) would be an outside reason, such as BGW pushing them out for too high costs. Anyway, I don't think it could have happened. I'd rather see arrow copying B&M layouts that using an ol' project B&M let down for some reason...
  10. At least on vekomas, I know that even on the opening day they, the upstop and side wheels never touch the track on a straight segment. I guess it because it's cheaper to calculate so that all wheels touch, plus when all wheels touch the track you have to put some extra elastic material to make sure they can handle the track smoothly even when the track is rather twisty... I don't think woodies have their upstop wheels touching either but I'm not sure of that... But rouchness on woodies is mainly caused by the fact that is not an industrialized track, but a somewhat artisanal track that is put down and shaped by hand... so there are probably more flaws that on a industrialized track. There's also the issue of the screws, because wooden coasters structure naturally move a lot, and it's mainly the metallic screws that have to support this movement, and lie every metallic thing, after being moved a lot, it breaks... And there is one of the maintenance roll: replacing broken screws (particularily on the tracks). If this job is not done, the coaster will vibrate more and more and become rougher and rougher...
  11. German is a diffcult language to speak and to write but it's quite a simple language to read since if you konw the basic vocabulary and grammar, you'll be able to understand nearly anything since most of complex words are just two simpler words stuck together... Speaking english well can help since the root is about half the same so you can recover the meaning of some words with that... i'm native french speaking and I learned english and then german and If I'm quite useless at writing or speaking but I can understand it averagely well... I don't know if it's THAT difficult, you know there are very few exceptions so once you've got the rules, there's barely anything you need to know except vocabulary, and the use of those hellish prepositions... I don't read german forums because I still can't enough german to read it fluently, but if I were a little bit more motivated, I'm sure I would
  12. ^Rita 's trains are definitely not good! The weird harnesses are to sharp with your neck... It's verry unconfortable! Plus the Train rattles in the curves (not in front and back rows though), and makes your neck smash into the knives... sorry the harness bars... And the lab par isn't just comfortable! I really think Intamin could Have donne better than those poor trains... My best vehicule is the B&M Flyer train, never felt so comfy in a roller coaster in my whole life!
  13. Yups... I've got different favourite elements..; On inverting steelies, I like B&M inverted Flatspin a lot! The two on Nemesis are pretty darn good! On non inverting coasters (wooden and steel), I really do like airtime-ful First drop... That one on Tonnerre de Zeus... yumm When you're back row, you get both get suck by the drop and ejected from the train , THAT is really awesome!
  14. Yep what is better than a good Microsoft PC? Mac? bahh! Oli "I like to eat PCs at breakfats" Monn 8)
  15. Wow Mines are English one... let's say that Alton Towers is a "nice pics making park " I really Love those gardens! Cute Gardens at Alton towers, and just before dusk! Hoy Hoy Hoy, it's Hair time! B&M Goodness @ Alton Towers...
  16. Even if for woodies, the choice is pretty obvious for me: Wild Mouse That *hem* kiddie *hem* coaster is pure insanity! For steelies, though, I can't choice between Air: Or Nemesis... Thx rcdb for the pics...
  17. Tonnerre de Zeus, a crazy mix between floater and ejector air! And that first drop (back seat) is perfect fun and pleasure! But only air is nice, every time the train turns, it becomes sooo uncomfortable! it definitely needs retracking...
  18. I actually had an ERt on it at the beginning of october so I was able to ride it in all the seats, and the first row is absolutely fantastic, you can ride with your hands up all the way and everything is incredibly smooth! but in the other rows, the second curve (after the airtime hill) is headbanging so that if you try to lift your hands up, your neck will be banged on all sides... plus the lap bar will go down further on your knees with the high G forces... I wish it stayed up so that I coul enjoy more the two last airtimes...
  19. Concerning Europe's Rides, The wettest is known to be Storm Force 10 @ Drayton manor, the backwards drop is known to be one of the most drenching... Trips Report Here!
  20. Well Concerning tonnerre de zeus, I rode it just today two times, one first thing in the morning and one just before leaving, and I found it quite a rough thing! I think that the fact you rode it after raim might have kinda "lubrified" the rails... But anyhow, I got more vibrations and bad shocks on TDZ than on goudurix, that is an somehow and OK ride (except most of the inversions and the final helix and those uncomfortable vekoma trains that nearly broke my back... ). So concerning the fun, I think TDZ has awesome airtime particularily in the first drop and in the photo drop (the one just after the douvle helix), but it definitely lack positive vertical Gs (but maybe it's not woodies purposes, anyway, it's a lack), and really needs less virbrations (on the big helix, when you look at the inside of the curve, you see the wheels jumping for about a inch every meter! and Mean while you feel like in a giant shaker ... What's more those hellish ubervibrations make the airtimes less pleasant, and that's quite a shame, since it's to me the nicest quality of that ride (i don't like that much laterals, when the vibrate that much!)... So for me TDZ isn't a really top coaster for the pretty bad experience I had this year, I did it about 5 years ago, and those vibrations were not that high. I just had less fun that time because of the ride being rough I think I'd vote for a kind of greasing oil delivering every morning to get the ride smoother, or maybe a retracking... I found also goudurix kinda fun, but the hell is that last helix that litteraly throw you into your harness, whatever force you put in your arms against that... (thx to have read me !)
  21. I really wonder where is the link between that big tyre that is being build up for that coaster, and all those names... Humdinger just sounds too bad to me... :o
  22. Err robb, did you do Fuga da Atlantide, in gardaland? It's an intamin Shoot the Chute with two drops and a huge theme! Don't tell me you missed it, it is said to be the best attraction in gardaland! Strange you didn't talk about it.... some more nice photos here:
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