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  1. That is sooo awesome man. i have got to order the new video today..
  2. OMG! Derek has the same balder shirt as i do! looks like you had fun.. *wants to go to the us*
  3. a zamperla family coaster at escape theme park in singapore..
  4. i use my phone.. ai laik mai fone (transalation: i like my phone) its a sony ericsson w800i for those that has been living under a rock.
  5. oh, i'm such a noob.. thanks anyway.
  6. if i use the 3 for 2 offer on a dvd, will it still cost 30 dollars for international shipping?
  7. i think Xcellerator (notice spelling) will break down more than bullet.. cause intamin has had some problems withe their rocket coasters.
  8. Ok, what is up with all these title changes? They change like every day... but this one made me laugh:P
  9. click that button in the picture, and select the one that is only a sun. whatbuttontoclick.bmp Click that button
  10. intamin wooden restraints are soooo good and vekoma OSTR's suck
  11. just one thing before i might order, are the dvds region coded? or will they work just fine in europe aswell?
  12. How about a "The Video Store on the Corner of Lincoln and Olympic!" t shirt btw, if *Angry_Gumball wins, I'm a buyer!
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