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  1. great ptr! Dude! you made the front page! Gratulerer! (means congratulations in norwegian,)
  2. i love B&M and intamin 0 gs... and 100+ft loops are awesome
  3. LOLDANUSUCK!! haha, looks like you had fun and lol at elissas face when talking in that phone
  4. I hit a hole in my head once, and got like 10 stings to put it back together.. does that count?
  5. There is a half pipe in singapore that kicks major butt. its like 85 degrees steep. its awesome.
  6. Lol at robb filming, lol at dan's face, lol at everyone in the train.. looks like you had a blast oh, btw, DAN PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!!!
  7. YaY! i just ordered them. Me can not wait. Btw, is it sent as airmail or by boat?
  8. I just ssaw a delta airlines commercial on discovery channel..
  9. PortAventura Liseberg Tusenfryd.
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