Chadster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

08/15 - Day 5 Marineland Last day! :(
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Re: Chaster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby Philrad71 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:16 pm

Oh my God that was funny!

Is CLP not the coolest ghetto park in the USA? Love how they still have the half burnt house in Kiddy Land, but hope it didn't give Kid Tums and the other kids nightmares for the rest of the tour! I agree with KT though...Witches Stew rules! :lol:

Not sure about the no alcohol signs as I have never seen those before. TIP: You can go down by the SBNO Toboggan and hit the beach house on the lake & sip on some delicious alchoholic libations while you go out and survey the overall ghetto-ness of the beach area on the patio!
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Shout out to Witches Stew

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Re: Chaster's Leviathan Tour by TPR Adventure!

Postby Chroniq » Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:40 pm

deguy123 wrote:Great pictures Chad! I'm loving that picture of Chris giving me that nasty Vegemite. I swear even a little bit made me almost throw up! Looking forward to the rest of your pictures :b

Pretty sure vegemite is actually poison and reliving those photos of me even tasting a little bit will require years of serious counseling,... .... Congratulations to the "winner" who ate the entire tube like it was gravy at an ACE convention. Next time I'm offering Tim Danner $200 to drink Drano (which he will probably win again, and then laugh at me).

I tip my hat.

Edited to say.. Awesome pictures of the Coneaut Lake.. You got some shots of places we didn't even walk towards. Doesn't KT look like shes enjoying rides by herself in some post apocalypse world?

Also- The ride ops here were amazing.. Literally, following our different groups from ride to ride and running anything we wanted to ride.. This park was easily one of my highlights of the trip. It's kind of a testament to perserverance.
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Re: Chaster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby KConn » Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:06 pm

Great pictures Chad. Side note, did anyone notice that the ride op for Devils Den had to kick the back of the car to get it going? Quality!! : )

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Re: Chaster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby sspaz1000 » Fri Aug 03, 2012 5:48 am

I noticed. Kicking the car and pushing it to get it going as well. Conneaut is one of those places, that you just want to give it some TLC because deep down you know how awesome it could be.

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Re: Chaster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby gisco » Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:50 am

Conneaut is one of those parks that it you went alone, you probably wouldn't have a good time but when you go with a group like TPR it is a lot of fun. I loved the back car on the Tumblebug!

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Re: Chadster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby chadster » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:08 am

After loading our soggy butts back onto the bus the tour headed to one of the two most anticipated parks of the trip, for me at least, Waldameer! Why you ask? Well duh, Bill Tracy dark ride and Ravine Flyer II.

Waldameer is the type of park I would want in my backyard as it contains the perfect mix of old school classic and new rides. While the park has no plans to ever put in a ride that goes upside down, they do plan to at some point in the future acquire additional land to expand that park further. But even if they don't expand, I'm happy with today's Waldameer with friendly folks, fast operations, and the overal atmosphere that only a family owned long operated park can give. Waldameer is on my must re-visit multiple times list, that's for sure.

So what happened on this day you ask? Fun, and lots of it....

Welcome to Waldameer!
Gates? Where we are going, we don't need no gates.
Kas says "Welcome to Waldameer's Wacky Shack!"
Joe and Fran are ready to get spoookafied. Spookafied is a word, pho sho.
Jump through the squares!
Can you guess what attraction we went to next? Post and tell me! I might give a map or something else away.
Classic American park. Love. F&B prices were far less than the corporate chain pricing. The park is also cashless meaning you must pay for everything with a preloaded card or your credit card. It was explained to us since going 100% towards this system that they have been able to recover stolen items using the time stamps on the cards. After the items were recovered they took the perp's out back for an mobster style beat down. True story.
Yay for spinning mouse!
The Crouse's are ready!
And so are the other Crouse's. Hope you don't die!
Chris "I do what I want" Con said the mouse was too intense for him. Clearly he's been hanging out with Elissa too much. :p
Speaking of hanging out....
Does the log flume A. provide an acceptable amount of stinky wetness or B. provide an unacceptable amount of stinky wetness
If you answered B. You would be correct.
So what better way could we celebrate our new found stinkyness than a TPR takeover of Comet! The Comet crew gets 2 thumbs up, way up.
Put your hands in the air like you just don't care
Yay! What an awesome classic ride Comet is. We liked to much that we whored that thing out over and over!
But after a long day of walking we had to find our horses and give them beer.
"This one time, at band camp, I stuck a...."
"Wake me when it's over"
We had just the remedy for Jake!
Of course these whores really liked the rear.
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Re: Chadster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby chadster » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:25 am

Hmmm, so what else did we do at Waldameer....
Oh yeah.
We did this. Nerds - Ready. Aim.
It's photo walkback of the Ravine Flyer II time!
I've been on several walkbacks, but none that have allowed us to get this close to an operating ride.
Seriously, this close.
Big motor make ride go 90 degrees.
Chris "I'm a dork" Con
Really, this was just insanely close.
The only way you can get this close is to A. break in illegally or B. Go on a TPR Tour next year.
Limbo lower now.

Oh, and the answer is B.
So this is how they do maintenance on the wheels, cool, eh?
Pardon us, sorry, excuse us, pardon us, just a moment please, sorry, thank you for waiting.
"This is so effing amazing!"
Don't whack you head on the air gates!
I've seen a lot of nuts in my time...wait. That didn't come out right. Dammit! I give up.
From the 'did you know' series. The park has a heater installed on the platform to warm things up for pre-season testing and for when needed to get the train warmed up. Too cold and the train no worky.
Also from the "did you know" series, the park has never replaced a single steel wheel on the ride.
Don't fall out!
High five!
Hi Comet!
"We sent the train, it didn't come back"
Pretty awesome paratrooper down there.
After the tour it was time to have a little fun!
Charlie's Angel's forgot their pose.
OK, we really tried to figure out WTF this was but couldn't.
And for making fun of the musical, some of us paid the price.
Chris has that "I'm cheating" look going on.
And finally, TPR TAKEOVER!
But now it's time for ERT on Ravine Flyer II. Goodnight Waldameer and thanks for a great day!
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Re: Chaster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby PAL » Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:13 pm

It figures you loved Waldameer for its old school charm. How did you like RFII? Make me jealous enough - maybe I'll get there in a couple of weeks.

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Re: Chadster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby chadster » Fri Aug 03, 2012 5:07 pm

RFII was running well but the tunnel, like on Voyage, give me a slight headache but nothing ear plugs won't take care of. We were told it was going to get retracked in the offseason although it doesn't really seem to need it to the extreme others in the world might.
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Re: Chadster's LeviatTHON TPR Tour Adventure!

Postby chadster » Fri Aug 03, 2012 5:48 pm

Day 3 brought us to two parks, the first was Darien Lake. DL still has many of the remnants of Six Flags ownership in the color scheme and naming conventions. On our visit it was also plagued with ride downtime seemingly also left over from the days of Six Flags, an issue that can take a lot of money and time to recover from. Thankfully Herschend has taken over and will soon right the ship. The two major areas I hope they focus on are ride maintenance and food.

I didn't take time to tour much of the park as it took us about 4 hours to get 6 credits, 5 if you don't count Ride of Steel as we had morning ERT on it. Predator opened late(it happens) and sent one train around (thankfully we were on it) before going down for about 30 minutes to remove a problematic train. We headed to boomerang and found it not operating as well. We found motocross which was operating but went down with only 20 people in front of us and we were forced to leave the queue. By lunch we had 4 credits under our belts and went back for the SLC....which was down. Once the SLC came back online the rains were moving in. We were told we could ride as long as the restraints were locked when the phone call came in. Thankfully that phone call wouldn't come in until after our ride. As we pushed to the lift the monsoon hit with sideways rain. Surprisingly the rain smoothed it out and turned it into a water slide. It was truly an Epic ride.

Enough chatter, lets focus on Ride of Steel.
Here we are for some ERT on Ride of Steel!
The park really does have a nice setting.
Yup, that would be top.
The top of the lift that is. Obviously.
This would not be the top. Clearly.
Black out section. Duh.
And some floater air, kindof. So yeah, that's Ride of Steel.
Goodbye Ride of Steel, thanks for allowing us to get some exercise by running around!
Let's see, where to go.
OCC approved.
Better than Pony Express.
Still haven't figured out if this used to be a pool or what.
It was here that the ride broke down and we were escorted out of the queue.
So while we waited, we got our head bang on.
But really, it wasn't all that bad. True Story.
See, I told you it had a nice setting. Didn't believe me eh?
You want arrow you say? You got arrow.
Smooth like Garbles with the ladies smooth.
Tomato soupy soup smooth.
Lube smooth. So yeah, it wasn't all that bad.
PGA Championship course.
So there you have it, part of Day 3 is over. Time for us now to fly on over to Martin's Fantasy Island before heading into to Canada for an epic night at Dave and Busters!
Oh yeah, almost forgot. Want to know what fixes a broken SLC? WD-40.
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