SDC 2016 Trip Report(s)!

One last snowy trip for the season.
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Re: SDC 2016 Trip Report(s)!

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:36 am

ZambeziZinger wrote:
ytterbiumanalyst wrote:
Vonni wrote:
xstech25 wrote:No disrespect to SDC as i've been there many times and think its a great park. But if all the rides are closed, and you could count everyone in the park on one hand, it begs the question why even open the park in the first place? What if someone showed up that wasn't a season pass holder? Would they actually charge them admission? I can't imagine paying to go to a theme park just for the pleasure of walking around all day in 10 degree weather.

Now if all the shows are going that's a different story but from your TR it looked like absolutely nothing was going on there.

I personally find SDC to be the type of place that would be amazing to visit even if it didn't have rides. So yes, I think being open was definitely worth it.

Absolutely. When I was a kid, and there were no roller coasters and all the biggest rides were water rides, basically during the Christmas festival the train was it, and it was still a fantastic time. Even if I didn't live close enough to have a season pass, I'd totally pay to go during the Christmas festival just for the pleasure of walking around all day. Honestly, walking around and seeing all the lights and decorations is the main draw of this season.

An Old Time Christmas has only been going on since 1993. They did 2 years of "12 Days of Christmas" before that. ThuNderaTion opened in 1993 and was open for the first An Old Time Christmas. Fire in the Hole has been open for all o the Christmas Festivals.

Okay, thanks for all that information. So for two years, when I was 7-8, the situation was as I wrote, if you don't take it super literally. Hint: It wasn't meant to be taken super literally. Another hint: People rarely like to be corrected on things they didn't mean to be taken super literally.
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