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P. 594 - The Lion King Review!
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Postby battleflag » Sun Feb 27, 2005 8:06 am

so constantine was good ?
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Postby downunder » Sun Feb 27, 2005 2:56 pm

I thought Euro Trip rocked, the song from the movie "Scotty Doesn't Know" is the song Blink wished they wrote. Matt Damon and Vinnie Jones performances are just hilarious.

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Postby Pure Randomness » Sun Feb 27, 2005 3:50 pm

I want to see Taxi on Dvd but Blockbuster was typically out of the movie I want. How was Hitch, I heard it was funny, but it looks kinda stupid. Wat do you think of it?
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Postby SharkTums » Sun Feb 27, 2005 11:24 pm

I finally saw Reign of Fire...I actually liked it!!! I don't understand why it didn't do better. I mean it was completely ridiculous but highly entertaining!

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Why do I still have a donkey title???
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Postby Sir Clinksalot » Mon Feb 28, 2005 11:36 am

Watched Shaun of the Dead on Saturday and Garden State this morning. Both were VERY good. Shaun of the Dead was frickin' hilarious and Garden State was better than I thought it would be.

I Guess Donkeys Are Okay
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Postby revenG13 » Mon Feb 28, 2005 2:55 pm

I got the pleasure of watching Hero this past weekend. I really enjoyed it, but thought House of Flying Daggers was better.

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Postby Millenniumguy » Mon Feb 28, 2005 6:46 pm

I guess I feel like I have a strong stomach. I watched Hotel Rwanda yesterday. It's among the most saddest movies of the 2000s along with Black Hawk Down. I think Hotel Rwanda is a more humanistic approach to war and it should be. Great acting though, i most say Don Cheadle was perfect as Paul Rusesenbingda.

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Postby thunder001 » Fri Mar 04, 2005 3:32 am

I have to agree about Shaun of the Dead, that rocks. And to all of you who liked it, try to find an Aussie movie called "Undead". I promise that you will not stop laughing all the way through, even if they went over budget on the blood by a little.....not much difference between 60Litres and 600Litres is there now???

As far as my personnal collection goes, it is somewhere in the range of 200+ DVD's with over 2000 movies on VHS tape to be copied to DVD in the future.

One to watch out for is Electra, as the half an hour of footage that I have seen is great and I only hope that the rest of the film continues on also.

Enjoy all.

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Postby wamme » Fri Mar 04, 2005 12:57 pm

I recently saw Shaun of the Dead and Garfield the movie.
Shaun of the dead was funny at some parts but not that good overall, (i didn't payed attention to much because i was sick when i saw it)
Garfield the movie on the other hand, had very funny parts that kept me laughing through the dull moments where they tried to set a plot (so i would advise not to see it for the story because that's very,very lame)

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Postby BurritoKing99 » Sat Mar 05, 2005 12:15 pm

i just saw coach carter not too long ago, iRobot, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (old skool version) :lol:


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