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Unanswered/Dumb Question-Dumb Answer game

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The same reason all of their coasters have faded paint and run one train.


Why does DarienLaker always bring up Darien Lake every opportunity he/she gets?

It's a he. His name is Alex. You can see it on his youtube channel.


Back on topic: To make a long story short, he is a fanboy.


Why does DarienLaker always want EVERY ride to go into Cuda Fall's old spot?

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Because Darien Lake doesn't have any Looney Tunes theming, therefore Looney Tunes can't be cool.


Why does winter break have to be over already?


*facepalm* I'm sick of everyone answering my questions with something relating to Darien Lake!


Because schools have to prepare students for "spring" break!


Does the GP really think that Darien Lake is a bad park?

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Because in 2007 we got an amazing woodie that never gets old, and park management keeps forgetting to put in a new coaster because they are too busy marothining Renegade. Also, we DID get a kiddie coaster that was new to us in 2011.


How do cats make such strange sounds?

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