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Robb & Elissa's Mini-UK Trip!

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Getting to the UK and our first Blackpool Photos

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Steeplechase Video! Download this NOW!

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Hey everyone.


I had to come to the UK this week for work, so we decided to make a little "mini-trip" out of it.


Our flight was fine (Virgin Atlantic) and it was nice being able to choose from 50 different movies. I finally watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (liked it better than the original) and 40 Year Old Virgin (unedited!!!).


Anyway, we've just checked into our room at the Big Blue Hotel, Blackpool....Here are some pics....


EDIT! Robb posted as SHARKTUMS!!! BOOO!!!!


...And here is our view from the hotel room! Pretty cool, huh? =)


Non-German Tom gets the bunk beds!!!


"Which bed is mine? Hell! I'll take both!!!"


"I've never been so happy to see an Arrow coaster!"


Next stop! Big Blue Hotel at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!


Ahh! Now that is where we're heading!


"Hey Southport! Nice sign you got there! We'll see you in a couple of months, but for now we'll visit your sister park...."


Uh, oh....looks like we're heading into that snow covered "north" of England! =)


Elissa's got the coca-cola, now all she needs is a McDonald's!


Here I am, driving on the "other" side of the road and the "other" side of the car!


Who needs Google Earth when you have "TPR Earth" =)


Can you spot some popular landmarks here?


From the plane we can see the north of England has gotten a bit of snow!

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Wow, that looks like an amazing hotel. Glad someone managed to get that hotel for us for 3 nights on the UK trip. I never thought I'd want the last thing I see before I go to sleep and the first thing when I wake up to be an Arrow coaster, but those pictures changed my mind! Hope you guys have fun.


Is there snow at Blackpool? and whats the temp there?


Stupid US parks!

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I am still not sure I would enjoy going 40, 50, 60+ mph outdoors in the winter time, but I sure would like the chance to try.


Also seems to but those "steel coasters can't run unless it's ___ degrees out, theory to the test as well, am I right???


Shari "Finally got time to spend on TPR" Shoufler

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Looks like you could open your window and snag a passing train--cool.


Thanks for the overheads of London--takes me back to when my brother and I rode the London Eye two years ago. That was one great vacation (have to post some of the pictures some day).

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WOW, my first post. I've been a member for ages, but hey!


I went to blackpool in october. I rocked. I can't believe they made a ride called 'bling'. Still, Grand National was the best there I think. Pepsi Max was good. But GN was such a great classic. XD


Me on Ice Blast. I'm on the far left.


And, just for you guys. Here are some blackpool donkeys.

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Well, we had a pretty good evening at Blackpool today. Got on quite a few coasters - Steeplechase, Big Dipper, Wild Mouse, etc.... We have a whole day tomorrow! Can't wait!


Some pics from today and also a Steeplechase VIDEO!!!! "Take a ride on Steeplechase with us!"


Steeplechase video upload coming soon!


--Robb "Logged in as Elissa for some reason!" Alvey


...but of course Robb goes for the "Ice Cream Factory"...

"See, I made it look JUST like the picture!!!" =)


Oh, none of us can feel our internal organs, and the park is closing for the night, time to get dinner and warm up!


And here it is!!! A TPR EXCLUSIVE! Because no one has ever, EVER taken this photo before! Remember, you saw it here FIRST!!!! =)


Meeting up with Greg was like "old times" at the Pleasure Beach!


Yeah, it's cold, but the insanity is keeping us warm.


Not only does this ride have INSANE extreme airtime, if you're taller than 6 feet, you HAVE to duck on the lift hill!!!


Elissa gets to ride a rodent!


Oh, we are SOOOOO terrified!


We even ran into a card carrying ACE member at the park!


We took a ride on the really uber-scary Ghost Train which is a credit for people like Jeff Johnson!


I really do think the park looks great all lit up at night!


Got a ride on the Big Dipper, which was running GREAT!


"I love my Arrow Steeplechase rides! Stupid Knott's for taking theirs out!"


Of course our first stop is the Steeplechase!


Yay! Nighttime at the Pleasure Beach! Lit up and looking cool.

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I had a feeling that Blackpool might just be the highlight of the UK trip this June--these pictures are yet more evidence. Gotta love the Steeplechase and the uber cheesy Ghost Train.

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And here it is! The "Take a ride with us on the Steeplechase" video!


It's JUST like being on the trip with Robb & Elissa. Take a ride with us on the world's ONLY Steeplechase coaster!


You'll laugh, you'll scream, you'll cry (especially at the end, and ESPECIALLY if you're male!)






Blackpool Pleasure Beach Steeplechase Video

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Robb, You and Elissa are sooooo not used to snow!


That's the advantage of the Midwest, IT's freezing cold and we're one part of the US the gets snow! you SO.Cal folks are outnumbered 3-1 in the US!


Chris" This place is better since they have their's still and Knott's took their's out since they suck ASS!"Benvenuto


PS. I just need a Mini-Japan update from you two and I can say " Woah, 2007 Japan Trip?"

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It is rather cold over here in the UK. The west coast has had some snow, although where I am, jigh in the hils, we haven't had any. I often travel over to Blackpool. You're lucky being over there this weekend, as there's a reduced rate for people to go and visit the Pleaseure Beach. They do this really to test out the rides on people, before the season starts.



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