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The Worst Traffic in the US....


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Worst traffic I've experienced is London in rush hour. An absolute nightmare getting anywhere.


London's horrid. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get to the Eye from here. 1 hour to London, 2 1/2 hours crossing it. *Shudder* I never want to do that again. Shame I'll be doing it again in 30-odd days....

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Orlando has never seemed THAT bad to me. My problem is that all the infrastructure is too small so that when something does happen, all hell breaks loose.


I would have thought Las Vegas would have been on there somewhere. Man our rush hour starts at 2p and goes all the way till 11p.

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I have to concur with what Craig said. The section of I-95 between NYC and New Haven is HORRIBLE. It makes me really appreciate Amtrak.


Mark "Visiting my friend at Yale is a pain" Luskus


It was worse in Hartford at the I-84 and I-91 interchange before they fixed it..


When the interchange was built till the 1990's, their was no direct ramp between I-84 East and I-91 north or I-91 north to I-84 West. their was supposed to be a small expressway built to take care of that, but it was never finished (like a lot of planned highways that weren't fully completed). Which in thus turn, caused highway traffic to get off and go through the city, then get back on the highway.


Little paragraph from Kurumi.com

A Hartford radio station once ran a fake promo ad for a demolition derby on the "Morgan Street Offramp" -- the congested city street drivers from eastbound I-84 to northbound I-91 were forced to crawl along. The nearby Whitehead Highway (to be I-484) was intended to carry 84-91 traffic, but was never completed. At least once this intersection gained notoriety in a car magazine as the worst place to drive in the U.S.
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It sucks to live in LA for 2 reasons:


1. People don't know how to drive in the rain. How stupid are they??!!!!!


2. It took me an hour to get to a place it normally takes 20 minutes to get to. What is wrong with this picture?

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405! 101! 5! 91!




wes (can see the world's worst interchange from my apartment)


(From Wikipedia)

The San Diego Freeway's congestion problems are legendary, leading to the joke that the Interstate was named 405 because traffic moves at "four or five" miles an hour. Indeed, average speeds as low as five miles per hour are routinely recorded during morning and afternoon commutes, and its interchanges with the Ventura Freeway (milepost 63) and with the Santa Monica Freeway (milepost 53) each consistently rank among the five most congested freeway interchanges in the United States.


And of course, the 101

Watch out, Trinity!


The 91


The 5


The 405

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Wow, I'm surprised NYC is not on that list! And wow, Chicago! It didn't seem that bad to me when I was there. But I wasn't driving during rush hour.


The worst traffic in Buffalo is between 4-6 pm. The worst delay I've ever been in was 15 minutes. That's one thing I love about Buffalo. The driving is so easy, because like twenty people live here.

20 People?! Whachu talkin' 'bout D:

Sometimes it gets backed up forever...

Hooray for living in an NF suburb.

I never get any sort of backed-up thing...

Just a lot of cars.

I don't drive but I walk a lot.

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Well we do have traffic jams, there are worse.The Baltimore-Washington Conurbation is a pain, and Boston is a nightmare, especially with their antique 17th streets. And, I heard a Brit talk about the M25, well our New Jersey Turnpike, on Fridays is a pain. It can be blocked up for 30 miles, with people rushing home. Oh, and as for Dark Stitch there is a way to get to BGW and PKD without going through Washington. If you live in New Jersey you go on 295, 55, 9, the Delaware Bay Ferry, US-13 through DE and MD and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, then Take I-64 W. Or you can go on US-301 which is not as great but better, and then take I-95 s. (Yes, I look at maps, a lot ).

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Yes. LA, I live near LA, it's always crowded. It's usually for business, or travelers. I haven't been to LA, in quite a while. Last time I went was like 2 Months ago, and that was when I was going to Valenica to visit my cousins, and they live near Six Flags:MM.

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Just wait till you come to the UK and go on the M25 Motorway.


It's a right nightmare most days.


I've been on the M25 before, when my family and I were being taken to the hotel we were staying at from the airport. We didn't manage to experience the traffic on the M25 because we got off an exit right before gridlock and went back-roads from there. And damn, was I confused on where we were going.

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Cleveland traffic can be pretty bad, but probably not comparable to LA or anything. When we drove through the Gary, IN and Chicago area, it was crazy, that was the worst i've seen, we were stuck for a long time with people just merging.


The only thing about New Mexico, traffic gets bad when they is any kind of rain,snow,ice, anything. It's ridiculous the way people drive when there is a half an inch of snow or if there is any rain on the roads. I've never seen anything like it before. I know Albuquerque traffic is a very big problem, not sure why.

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