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Best Coaster at SFOG

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It's been a long while since I've been to SFOG- but my thoughts are this:

(Superman and Goliath were not built at that point):


Loved GASM-who doesn't like a John Allen classic like this?

Cyclone- a little rough, but enjoyable

Ninja: Honestly, not bad for a Vekoma- even rode it more than once.

Viper: This used to be at my homepark SFGAM as Tidal Wave, so although the ride was the same, it brought back a lot of memories.

MindBender: Good old fashioned Schwarzkopf fun.

Georgia Scorcher: Liked it more than the B&M stand up at my home park (Iron Wolf)

Batman: Well, it's fun, but pretty much the same ride as all the rest of them. Still liked it though.

Mine Train: Can't remember much about the ride other than three people tried to ride in one seat, and were dispatched out of the station only to e-stopped and escorted off the ride by a ride op on the lift hill. Unfortunately this took a considerable amount of time to rectify.


That's what I remember and can contribute for my .02

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^How the heck can you say what you think about the coasters if you haven't ridden them?


SFOG is my home park and this is the way I rank them:


Goliath, Goliath, Goliath (airtime galore)

Mindbender (Classic Schwarzkoph with only lap bars)

Georgia Scorcher (Best stand up that I've ridden)

Great America Scream Machine (gotta love a classic out and back woodie)

Batman (a clone, but OMG the forces!)

Superman (kinda boring but a nice pretzel loop)

Canyon Blaster (kiddie coaster that is decent)

Ninja (pretty rough and not that fun)

Mine Train (rough)

GA Cyclone (One word:PAIN! I don't understand why so many people like this POS. Burn it down!)

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3-way tie between Mind Bender, Goliath, and Georgia Cyclone.

Mind Bender is possibly the most unique steel coaster I've ever ridden. Where else can you get a mix of great loops, some good air, and a crazy 5-g inclined helix!? And all with lapbars!

Goliath is just an airtime machine.

Georgia Cyclone is just one insane but fun woodie.

Although every coaster at SFOG is very enjoyable. They have a fairly strong coaster collection IMO.

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