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  1. I have been going to SFOG for a while now. Definately must rides are: Superman - if you can manage at least once in the front and then once in the back. Acro - I would suggest starting on this one over DZ at PKI. DZ is higher and in my opinion a lot scarier. Mindbender - My favorite coaster in the park. Classic Anton. A great ride. Great Gasp - A classic ride that you should ride before they become extinct. Georgia Scorcher - great standup definately worth a trip Batman - if you fell like waiting...would suggest waiting til around close to ride this one. GA Cyclone - Out of control definately. GASM - classic out and back fun ride. Shake Rattle and Roll - coolest scrambler you will ever go on. Monster Plantation - one of the coolest dark rides ever. Hope this helps a little.
  2. What does the general public here on this site think the best coaster at SFOG is?
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