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Fuji-Q Highlands Discussion Thread

P. 51 - New Observation Deck and Slide!

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Actually they are totally different than the headrests that X already has..


Clearly they are test head rests, compare them to the headrests on EJ

They're not so much test headrests as they are just an earlier version of them.


To get some things straight here:


The equipment that was brought by S&S to be tested on X for EJ was ONLY the pickle fork. The seats (harness, headrest, etc) are actual X seats that were attached to the EJ frame. Thats it.


The black headrests that are on the X train now are the regular head rests, that were repadded, but not painted. Nothing of EJ is on the X train right now.


Yes, the EJ stuff is still under the storage track, in a crate. I took a picture, but it was at night. Ill post em up later.

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I wonder if SFMM stays open, if they would plan on refurbishing X with the dropping floor?


Also, now it seems that S&S has worked on the trains a bit...Perhaps the two that are in "rehab" now could be refitted or replaced with the new design?


Just a thought...

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From the video it looks like they took alot of the bounce out of the seats, which is a good thing, and possibly the jerky rotation too. The shorter train seems to just fly around the course as well. I really hope this ride does well - I would love to see another version in the states. I'm a big fan of X...and would love to see a new and improved version pop up somewhere! Bravo!

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Thanks, Wrebbit. What's EP? Efteling?


It's confirmed, I will be riding EJ tomorrow if it is running. I got the day off from work, and I'll be catching the train out there first thing. I should arrive before the park opens, and I'll be heading straight for EJ. I'll have cameras with me, but don't expect a POV from me. For some reason, they always make me empty my pockets on Dodonpa! I will take my final batch of pictures, as this will be my last trip to Fuji-Q before I leave Japan in October.

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OK, my text version of my TR is done, and all of the final batch of photos have been sent to RCDB. I will be posting my TR, photos and a video (once I'm done editing it) to a new thread shortly. As soon as I'm done adding in the photos and captions it will be available for your pleasure.

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Dispatch times of 4 minutes for two trains, 6 minutes for one? That doesn't sound much better than X. Sounds like the dropping floor isn't speeding things up that much. Then again, maybe the ops haven't quite mastered everything yet.


It seriously takes a long time! You guys try checking those seats in a sweltering heat wave. Wears out your back! I hear people all the time yapping in my ear that were taking too long.


I just give them the look.



Cant wait for the T.R.

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I recently read about the Moonsault Scramble at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan. It was apparently closed because it was too intense. It is a 207ft Boomerang-style coaster that pulls 6.2Gs ( ), and has a unique Pretzel Knot inversion that looks a lot like a Batwing.


Has anyone ever been on it? Maybe you, Chris Belson?

If so, I'd love to hear what it was like.

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