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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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^ You would have preferred a coaster to get a paint job than to get a brand new coaster?



#SMH. . . Some people.


Personally. I'm glad the park is getting Joker, and I can't wait to ride it. Super excited for this coming season.

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I honestly would have preferred a fresh coat of paint on Batman over Joker.


I would prefer joker over Batman fresh coat of paint honestly cause it would be an awesome experience and good fit for the park. Any way the park does need more roller coasters cause they haven't gotten one in a while, it has just been flats and renovations. These 4d coasters are really fun cause I have been on the one at sfft.

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I rode the one at SFFT, didn't like it, and won't ever ride one again... so yeah, on a personal level if I had to choose between another Free Spin and a coat of paint for something I'd pick the paint.


But that's purely selfish and I recognize there are still plenty of good reasons a park will benefit from a FreeSpin.

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Personally, I think it fits in well with the Riddler and Catwoman in the Gotham City section. Now we have Batman, Mr.Freeze, Harley Quinn, Riddler, Catwoman and Joker. The whole thing makes perfect sense. Remember when we all thought we were going to get a Larson Loop themed for the Joker? Well, this is much better. IMHO

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