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  1. The previous train design is better, but the new one keeps the spirit of it in a minimal way. Maybe it makes for better aerodynamics or some such thing. I rode Lightning Rod twice in the dead of night November last year...I have to say that there was no perceptible 'pothole' during either ride...just my boyfriend's screams of terror during the first ride. He sat out for the second ride, proclaiming angrily 'THAT WAS TOO FAST.'
  2. ^Awesome. Definitely will show up on a weekday. Has anyone done the SkyZip experience? Wondering about how long that takes. It seems there's no better place to zipline than above Dollywood, but I don't want to take too much time away from rides.
  3. Hey all, looking to visit Dollywood for the first time this November, probably Mon the 27th. Any tips or tricks from vets? I'm wondering if that's too close to Thanksgiving weekend and the park will still be swamped. Is this a park that can reasonably be done in one day?
  4. This looks pretty good, but I am of the mindset that a full-scale B&M dive coaster would have made a much larger splash (har har), and served more guests per hour. I'm sure Cedar Fair/KBF are spending less this way, regardless, and maybe they'll even end up with a better coaster. I haven't been on an Infinity yet, but something like Monster *looks* a lot more intriguing to me.
  5. Mean Streak is looking truly phenomenal. Thanks for the coverage, and I look forward to more. Here's my $0.02 about what we're looking at on that drop.... #MSPaintRealness Quick and dirty lift/drop projection.
  6. I honestly would have preferred a fresh coat of paint on Batman over Joker.
  7. The article comes as across as being written by an enthusiast who just assumes it's 2018 at this point...I see no receipts. I'm not one to dismiss possibility, but at this point it seems like Cedar Point/Fair might have wanted a LOT of shakedown time for their massive new RMC.
  8. ^Can't argue that one. The placement of the new flats as well as Joker is excellent for visibility entering the park. Lighting packages have been great as well.
  9. ^No surprise there. Pretty damned diminutive footprint on these things. I honestly don't quite equate these free spins to a full coaster experience, closer to a big flat that I don't much care to ride. Thank goodness for the RMC Giant, because it's been a piss poor run of new coasters for a park of this caliber since Titan.
  10. RMC will deliver an awesome coaster regardless, I just don't want to see another wooden structure with bright red steel. RMC have so blurred the line between wood and steel that classification hardly matters - but still, there is a perceptible difference between Outlaw Run and NTAG now that both are a few years old. I-box is probably the better call from a maintenance standpoint, though.
  11. It would be nice to see Mean Streak retain its classification as wooden. I've speculated a full topper track conversion for some time...and it does appear the pieces pictured are the gauge of transfer track...so I'll hold out hope. Whether I-box of topper track, the thing that will irk me the most is if there's bright red slats of steel slapped on top.
  12. ^This, exactly. Carowinds Vortex murders CGA Vortex. Patriot will be unremarkable but improve the park lineup enough that its cost is more justifiable.
  13. Coco Montrese reaction image on TPR? My worlds are colliding... #TeamIntamin
  14. I'm not for the 'give the underdog a chance' mentality here. The Intamin eats the Vekoma for breakfast, y'all got me tilted.
  15. A hair depressing joining the Cedar Point thread in progress on the eve of my first visit in 2 years. Oh well, Maverick is still bae.
  16. I'm gonna be salty if they drag their feet with Mean Streak, I don't hold to the idea that RMC will need as much time with it as they did their very first conversion project (NTAG).
  17. I will never fully comprehend the claims of ejector on Millennium. I think it's a great ride in a fantastic location and it keeps its speed like a champ, but I've never experienced anything beyond pathetically anemic floater while riding it. Also, MM has some great coasters with good variety but I do think the coaster quality level is higher at CP overall. To compare the full experience at each park, CP comes ahead by a long shot.
  18. ^That thought crossed my mind. I remember listening to some podcast a while back, and one of the Cedar Fair execs was talking about the future of Cedar Point through 2020, and he alluded to the 5-year plan being nuckin' futs (it wasn't Decker, totally blanked on it now). It seems like this could well be the case. I was honestly pretty disappointed when it was looking like the KI coaster would be a GCI, but a huge RMC at the Point would more than make up for it. I hope they make the restraints easier to lift up, though....
  19. When I rode Vortex in 2015, I was surprised that I found it be rather enjoyable. I was in the front row and I'm 6'2" with a thin build, so those are probably factors. My experience was a lot closer to Georgia Scorcher (which is right up there with Riddler's Revenge for best stand-up in existence) than the pitiful Vortex at CGA. It seems like B&M must have refined their transitions from CGA's Vortex in '91 to the Carowinds Vortex in '92 as both coasters have the same elements.
  20. I haven't ridden Apocalypse, but Vortex at CGA is the worst B&M I've experienced. Interestingly, the Vortex at Carowinds I find completely superior and it was built just 1 year later. It's a toss up for me between Riddler's Revenge and Georgia Scorcher as to which is the best B&M stand-up, but I've definitely experienced the leg pain some are referring to. I find if keep my legs bent slightly I'm better off, but only very slightly - just so my knees aren't locked.
  21. I am drooling uncontrollably at all the wonderful Wildfire shots. Hopefully a Sweden trip is in my future.
  22. ^I had the exact same thought. I'm not sure whether it's perspective or legitimately a more abrupt pullout. Also, having a gander at the progress image, it's striking how few columns will support the whole damned coaster.
  23. I know many are not overly enthused about this ride, but perhaps I'm hoping against hope that B&M's 2000s trend of reigning in forces too far is slowly subsiding. Leviathan, Banshee and Fury are great coasters and there are small things about Mako's layout that make me think it has potential to exceed expectations (the relatively severe incline/decline of the first element, low hill, theming at the end to enhance sense of speed...).
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