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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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I just found this new YouTube video (real good coaster porn, OMG) over at another board I lurk at.


RD, prepare yourself (and any other folks who practice Schwarzkopf as their religion, Blessed be Anton's name)...


the "Crystal Beach Cyclone" of our youth (well some of us - you know who we are *cough* RD *cough*: The Big Bend. The first extended jumbo jet/speed racer ever! (and the best as my old foggy memory recalls): Peace.



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Freeze had an awesome opening today! Wish I got more pics but I spotted some ClubTPR shirts at the event too so I'm sure they'll post soon Ride is AMAZING. I wish they would've renovated the que and actually painted the trains (That Vinyl crap will be ripped to shreds by October)

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My dad and I are flying into Dallas on June 19th. Our plan is to buy season passes and get some rides in that night, and then visit the park the entire next day before flying out again on the 21st.


We would like to avoid renting a car, so does anyone have a suggestion for a game-plan? Are there free or low-price shuttles that will take us from the airport to a hotel near SFOT? We're looking for a hotel that won't break the bank but will either be a convenient walk or offer some kind of shuttle service to the park. If neither of these are practical options, please let me know.


Thanks for the help!

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^ I am actually visiting in early June. If you are flying into Dallas Fort Worth, many of the Arlington area hotels have shuttles to and from the airport. I am staying at the Baymont Inn and Suites. Along with the airport shuttle, there is also a free trolly that runs to and from the park.


I do not believe that any of the hotels offer free shuttle service to Dallas Love Field, which I will be flying out of. This leaves a question on my part. Can anybody recommend anything in the way of shuttles from Arlington to Dallas Love Field?

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Yesterday was the grand opening of Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast and TPR was there to cover all the action for you!


I realize that most people might be thinking, eh, they just turned the trains around. But guess what? It made a HUGE difference in the ride. Not only is it a different experience visually, but also in how the forces are presented. I've found that it's no longer a strain to keep your arms up the entire ride despite feeling like your are pulling more G's in the top hat. Pro Tip: For an incredible feeling, try the third row from the back! (The real back of the train)


When the train curves around to the spike and the LIM's push the train upwards, that's when you really notice the effects of the train being turned around. Now you are looking straight down as the train plummets towards the ground giving you a sense that you are going to crash into the ground before a sharp turn to the right then up into the top hat before screaming back down towards the tunnel with a now frosty mist hitting you in your face. For those of your wondering about the restraints and what the 70mph launch would feel like, well good news! While you do push forward into the restraint it's no different than before when the ride would hit the brake run. Incredibly smooth launch.


Outside of the turning the trains around the ride station has also seen some refurbishment. The outside has received some paint and detail finishes while the inside has seen some additional artwork. The park has also added some additional special effects lighting in the form of snow flakes to the ride platform. Mr. Freeze is still there looking over the station, but wasn't moving on this day.


This small change made a dramatic difference in the ride and I would encourage everyone to go out and ride Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast and see for yourself!


Special shout out to Joey(Joco07) for helping me out at the event!


Check out the ride POV!



Here we are at Media Day where they will re-introduce Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast.


A little soggy to start but the day ended with a happy ending.


Special Blue Carpet VIP entrance, which also dubs as the season pass processing office.


The park went all out for the event with everything from blue donuts to this cool ice sculpture.


New Ride Sign!


And hot chicks to melt the ice!


An artist was busy creating a chalk drawing of the ride's logo.


And here is what it looked like finished.


Park President Steve Martindale is about to open the ride with special guest Vanilla Ice!


Instead of a ribbon, they used chainsaws to cut the ice block!


And the ride is officially open!




"I'm not so sure about this"


Note: Vanilla Ice can wear his hat on the ride and video with his iPhone, he was given permission to do so, you however, should not attempt to do so.


And they zoomed back in.


"That was freaking amazing, I want to ride again!"


How about a side view of the train you say? Ok, your wish is my command.


Outside they were serving slurpees!


And Mr. Freeze Popcorn!


What the? Someone brought a cassette to the concert?!?!? What are those?!?!!?!


Stop. Collaborate and listen...


The hot chicks are back!


The outside was spruced up!


The paint shop spent a lot of time with the air brush out here.


Now it was time for Jeremy (Some of you might remember him from NTAG Bash at Shockwave) to let the public in, and they came by the thousands.


Off we go, in Reverse!


This is about the point in the ride (outside of the ultra smooth launch) that you realize, hey, the ride has changes, and it's freaking insane!


Yuuup! I don't want to see it changed back to original. Ever.




Top hat, third row from the rear...incredible feeling! I mean, I liked it in the rear before, but now, by seat of choice is car 4, row 2


And we are blasting


"Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast is #1"


And after only being open for 10 minutes, the public thinks so too!


Thanks SFOT for inviting TPR to media day, we had a Blast, quite literally!


So get out there before the ride closes for the season end of October and get blasted, in Reverse!

Edited by chadster
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Backward or forward, Mr. Freeze is the best shuttle ride out there this side of Montezooma's Revenge. I like how they spiffed up the trains, too.


As for Vanilla Ice, he was in the promo for the Insane Clown Posse's anuual "Juggalos" event, so maybe this is a step up?

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I seriously can't believe Vanilla Ice was there. I knew he was down to the level of doing VH1 Reality Shows, but didn't realize he had fallen so far as to the level of Six Flags Ride Openings!!!!


I think he also has his own home remodeling show. I forgot which channel it was on.


I need to get back to SFoT. Not only to ride Mr. Freeze and NTG but also to get my Shockwave credit. It's a fantastic park to begin with so even if I did get all the credits I would go back.

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The event was a lot of fun!!! Thanks Chad for inviting me! Reverse Blast is well...a BLAST the ride is much better then it used to be. The old one was Great but, this one is one of the best coasters I been on!

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I seriously can't believe Vanilla Ice was there. I knew he was down to the level of doing VH1 Reality Shows, but didn't realize he had fallen so far as to the level of Six Flags Ride Openings!!!!


Imo a Six Flag Ride opening is even to good for Vanilla Ice


Mr.Freeze looks awesome as usual but with the added bonus of taking the vertical spike face first can't wait to try that out

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