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  1. Yes, it's definitely a pile-on -- or, in the least, a "I will make a wordy post that hopefully Robb will quote and give me kudos on"! I don't see much of an issue with the original post. Well, specifically, the part about the occasional swear word making it a non-viewing option when kids are around. I don't care too much for the screaming/ironic screaming/sarcastic information-dropping, either, but I get that it's part of the flavor of this place. Obviously enough people enjoy it that Robb is able to literally make a living off the website, so it's not hurting the bottom line. Back to the "occasional" swearing, while it may be one for every 100 minutes of footage, the mere fact that it exists makes it so it's not worth it to some(?) to "risk it". I know the world, and the Internet, is a nasty place and if some guy screaming SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT on a rollercoaster is the worst you run into-you're-doing-ok, but something as seemingly vanilla of wanting to watch some world class footage of rides you'll most likely never ride resulting in you/your kids hearing vulgarity is a valid observation and concern. I thought Robb's response was a lot more calm and calculated that I'd have predicted (from what I've seen posted here before). but the ensuing "me too" pile-on sort of muddied the waters. Sure you could just "look elsewhere" or "mute it, dummy", but if these truly are the best videos around ... why would their creator want you to? He surely doesn't want you muting one of your senses to do so, so I'd assume that (at least) the part about possibly watching the potty language might have struck a chord. I think it's silly to expect a silent ride, as screams are about as crucial as the roar of the track or the clanking of the chain, but it does seem reasonable to not want to hear any cursing. (And yes, I know, if you were actually on the ride you're probably likely to hear much worse, it's just the point that the main audio we hear here is in the control of one guy. One guy who obviously relies on people viewing/paying/clicking through to keep his site/job going!)
  2. As was discussed with Lex Luthor, isn't there some point of diminishing returns with height? Is the only real reason to go 400' is to have the record? Will the ride experience be a whole lot different than a 320' model? I guess they didn't really need to tear out the boomerang, then, right? I mean I guess they did because St. Louis needs it, but Over Texas didn't need the space right now....
  3. When do they release actual layout/park map information? I know the videos basically show where everything is, but I'm curious to see what part of that Logjammer area is being used etc.
  4. Thanks for the replies! We went to the park and really enjoyed ourselves. First, since it was just posted about: Pink Things. I assume by "bring back" you mean bring back the original Pink Things, right? Because they are still there, although obviously they're in a different form factor (and flavor and manufacturer) than they used to be! They're now basically just Push-Up type ice cream that is sold at the front of the park....and have a cotton candy-type flavor to them. I wasn't a huge fan of the flavor, but at least one 3 and one 5 year-old loved 'em!! Best part was that they were selling them for just $1 --- RIGHT NEXT to the high-priced Ben & Jerry's store! Second, what a shame about Texas Chute Out. I'd never been on one of these, and me and my 5 year-old just loved it. FYI: it appears that it doesn't open until noon, so no need to run that way at rope drop. Additionally, they were only running two of the two-chute lines, and that's all they needed. We dropped three times, and just loved it. Even the whir of the cable as you drop "sounded old"! As many agree, I don't think a lot of tears will be shed for Flashback. If anything, it will be good that the park is losing one of it's many "older" coasters! That is one thing I was stunned by, just how old some of their rides are! That Runaway Mine Train almost looks like one (of their many) old-timey sets! At first glance it's hard to believe that it's actually a functioning coaster. The steam train is great -- we also enjoyed the books you can buy in the game area to "save" money (you basically get a bunch of dollar tickets, along with free and BOGO tickets, which save you about $20 (when you spend $40)). Interesting park - we found the location of Judge Roy Scream unique (you enter through a tunnel under the main entrance road to get to the actual ride/line, where it is the only ride located). We were also fascinated by that abandoned strip mall in the corner of the park by Flashback....with the land they (apparently) own there and the Chute Out-Flashback area, they should have a nice chunk to load in (what should be) a signature attraction. Again, it's a shame that they feel like the Chute Out isn't worth the ongoing maintenance costs.......although if Sunday is any indication, I guess ridership is also an argument to nuke it. EDIT TO ADD: the usual "this park employee told me" comment: this park employee told me (security dude up in the observation tower) that he had heard something about a swing ride that goes "really high" that would be going in where Chute Out and Flashback are. This was after I stated it was a shame they were getting ride of the parachute ride. So, that at least goes along with Six Flags' love of those rides, although you certainly hope they'll be located in the middle of a wingrider or something (to make use of all of that space)!
  5. Hi, The usual "I don't ever post, but need some help" post WARNING! Headed to this park, for the first time, on Friday. Will be there with a tall 5 year old who likes rollercoasters, so I'm just looking for some advice. What can we expect as far as crowds? Is there some ride to hit right away? Honestly, our main focus is getting to Texas Chute Out...so unless advice indicates otherwise, we'll head there first. For a kid who's ridden The Little Dipper & Whizzer at Great America, what rides here would you suggest? We're a bit worried about the hot sun at this park, as I've read that shade isn't necessarily this park's strong suit....so I assume that getting to the gate right at opening is a MUST. Thanks for any/all tips! Also, we'll be driving so any tips as far as super convenient hotels/deals would be appreciated (just started working on the accommodations part of the trip)!
  6. Not true at all. Parts for Tatsu showed up near the employee access road across from guest parking before October 1st, (http://www.themeparkreview.com/sfmmnew06/oct1_1.htm) long before the ride was announced on November 17th (http://rcdb.com/3305.htm?dt=126&d=197). At first some suspected the track may be for a dive machine, but soon after evidence led people to recognize the track was for a flyer. Speaking of parking, it's funny to read that linked post and see the joke about the Tatsu track needing to pay TEN dollars for parking.........7 years later, we're at $22! I get that the parking fee is an indirect way of increasing revenue while not impacting the posted/publicized park entry fee, but it does seem so odd for any park to charge as few parks are ever in an area where driving to them is some sort of optional choice...therefore those who do choose to drive will need to pay a fee for use of the land that would otherwise be built upon. Anyway, especially at a park like Magic Mountain it seems fairly nuts that parking now runs more than the smallest bill you could get out of an ATM!
  7. Might I suggest tapatalk? It's free to install into the forums, then the app can run the member anywhere from $1--$5 depending on platform. It makes the movile browsing of the forum WAY more enjoyable, and allows you to easily upload. (I don't work for tapatalk or anything, but have experience with it and it drastically changes the experience for folks that frequent messageboards via mobile (especially if they want to upload pictures))
  8. Surprised at the lack of updates, fan-wise, both here and at thecoasterguy.com! Really interested to see the progress on the entrance, at least. Anyone else know the typical testing schedule for a new drop tower? Just wondering if it's usually just literally days, or will they be fast-tracking this ride's mandated testing schedule to meet the opening date?
  9. Looks like they switched from Texas' beloved Blue Bell last year, to Schwans. In fact, according to this article it looks like they've changed it up several times since the park opened: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/dallas/headlines/20110527-six-flags-makeover-of-pink-thing-causes-a-stir.ece Seems odd to go from Schwans to another vendor after just one year, but it is curious that they switched vendor AND flavor.
  10. Why? That's an odd thing to post. Unless, of course, you're assuming that your bizarre forum picture would be held against you...then, yes, I'm in agreement with the park for not wanting to include you Will be interesting to hear how the test runs go, I assume that if there are no major problems that they can crank through the minimum number of mandated cycles day and night, right?
  11. Shane, Love this thread, as always. I know it's midwest, but did you ever get into any Riverview (Chicago) stuff? Obviously one of the true classics, with a lot of amazing rides for the time, I just wonder if you ended up hoarding, errr collecting, any of that park's information? Great stuff, as always, easily the best thread on this website.
  12. Wait, what? He says he has no idea but then offers up a "$1 per launch" guess and you appreciate that? Wish my curiosity was as easily satiated! They better nail down exactly "who" gets to ride the ride on May 12th, and get it out there on their site/FB page etc. I assume most folks interested enough to follow along via social media and the web are season pass holders, but I could definitely see some portion of people hearing about it and making that day their one day at the park---then ultimately being pretty upset when they are turned away from lining up.
  13. Hinting, and giving clues, about stuff that then makes it look like you have some insider info is so AWESOME! Hopefully you can tease us with some more vague stuff, then when something is announced you'll circle back and give us a "see?!?!"
  14. Do we have pictures of the inside of the tunnel, or more closeups of each side of it? I checked youtube for an onride to get more info (obviously it's been years since I, or anyone, has ridden the monorail through it) but came up dry (I did find an old home video from '97 but it appears they edited out the section where they passed through the tunnel). I'm curious as to what it looks like - what kind of structural shape it'd be in at this point - and, I assume, they'd probably deck it out in timed lighting like other coaster tunnels (like Demon at the Great Americas etc).
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