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  1. In the picture with the parking lot where there is something going on is that Disaster Transport track roped off to the left? Looks like nice and neatly stacked track to me...
  2. Titan got stopped on the Lift Hill last night and had to be evacuated... Not sure what the problem was.
  3. Sure... Should have thought about that to begin with but I was in a hurry! DROP TRACK
  4. Just figured I would let everyone know that BGWFans has pictures of the drop section being installed at Busch Gardens!!!! Also, for the record, the track is confirmed BLACK!
  5. ^^ Guy, you beat me to it!!! I was getting ready to say the exact same thing!!
  6. ^^^^ Just curious.... How did you get them to mail you something? I signed up on the contact page for LaMarcus Bros but it only asks for Name and Email address...
  7. ^^&^^^ I have no doubt in my mind that BGW will pull this off... I just thought it was a little odd how the concept art was set up...lol but then like you say its just concept art!
  8. Yea that's "normal" bridge...look at the concept art that was released... it's just sitting in the air by supports. You would think that it would at least start by coming off the ground at the high elevation. I am talking about the back side that is away from the river.
  9. ^hmmm.... I can kinda see that... but I believe that it should at least start on the ground and not in mid air... like normal bridges...
  10. does anyone think its weird that they are going to have a bridge floating in the middle of the air coming out of the woods?
  11. Has anyone else noticed that on the research flashing banner that the letter "B" lights up blue AND green?
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