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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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^^ I agree with the fact that there should be more on ride footage, but you have to remember that this isn't supposed to be an on-ride video it's supposed to be a music video. The whole point of the attraction is that you, the rider, are starring in a new music video to the song of your choice. So, I think it accomplishes that fairly well but there definitely needs to be a lot more on-ride footage.

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Rode HRRRRRRRRRR/visited UO for the first time in 2 years today. Honestly, I think the ride is just average, but the music really does add to it. (Listening to The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" at 65 mph was pretty damn cool, I must admit.)


They appeared to have 4 trains running, but the moving-platform type of loading wasn't working, which did seem to increase wait times by a small margin. Forgot it was a Rock the Universe day so all the Christian rock fans were out in full force adding significant crowds to both parks, and by extension Rockit. 40 minute wait was posted at 9:05 a.m.

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Does anyone else have a strange feeling this ride isnt going to last very long?


With all the money put into the attraction, it will be around for a while. Do you honestly think they'll just say, "screw it, let's tear it down?" Fifty million dollars (reportedly) is a lot of cash to throw away, so if anything, they'll keep tweaking it and make it better.


I was at Uni on Friday. HRRR operations have improved so much over a few weeks. They were running four trains with the single rider line open around noon. The standby line was an hour with single running about 35 minutes. The ops ate their Wheaties that morning because they were moving people on and off the ride as fast as they could.


Am I saying it's the best ride in the world? NO. Not even close. Is it fun, yes. Can they make it and any other ride at Uni better? Sure... It's all in the attitude you have going into it.

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i'm going to univeral and ioa tomorrow (no school!) hopefully there'll be no one there and i can get in a ride or two tomorrow for my first time. i'm deff gonna play harder, better, faster, stonger the first time and for whom the bell tolls the second time (if possible).


i just hope it doesnt rain tomorrow. *knock on wood*

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So I went today, and it was amazing! Almost all ride lines were 5 minutes, hardly anyone there, it never rained, and I got to go on HRRR twice today!


We got there right at 9 A.M., and, of course they were having "technical difficulties" and told us to check back later. We figured we might as well get some rides on the Mummy (twice) and M.I.B. (three times), both of which had 5 minutes almost all day. When we came back (around 11 A.M.) I guess it was still down, or maybe it broke down again (I'm not sure), but there was a huge line of people waiting to get on and we decided to wait. About half of them got mad and left, and it only took about 10 minutes for them to fix it. We got on, first row, in 15 minutes. It was amazing. I played Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. (:


(We went over to I.O.A. for a little bit, then came back to Universal.)


At 4 P.M. it was having technical difficulties again, and this time we waited an hour for it to be fixed; but, got on the ride, first row, in 15 minutes again. I played For Whom the Bell Tolls this time. (:


And yes, you all are correct, there was no fast pass line, just regular and single ridders.

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^It is good to hear that you enjoyed the ride and that others like it as well. I'm going to give the thing a second chance and see if I have a better experience the second time around (after revisiting Six Flags over Georgia's Goliath this Summer, I've learned that rides can be forgiven for spotty days).


On the other hand, I'm having a hard time reading your post without tripping over the severe lack of capitalization, proper sentence structure and punctuation. And even worse, I'm not sure how you got those photos without paying for them... I don't believe you are supposed to redistribute samples, especially if they have a watermark on them but that is just my impression of what I've seen...


Again, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the ride, but I can't help but be concerned by the content of the above post...

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^^^^^People take pictures of the photo monitors all the time, don't really know what the big deal is. At around 18 bucks for a simple photo you would probably catch me doing the same thing (if I actually cared about onride photos)...not to say I endorse breaking any rules. Is there a sign or rule that says 'do not take pictures of the monitor'? I have never seen one, or an employee stop anybody from doing so.


Thanks for the report! I wish I was closer to the area to check it out, after all of this hype:)



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I took my bonus son to Uni this past sunday to ride HRRR. I feel while it was a great ride, it wouldn't have been much to write home about if it didn't have the music in my opinion.


Also, I hope they alter the queue video. Overall the queue videos were great, however hearing 'tummy check on aisle 2!' over and over again made me want to swan dive off the loading platform and into the side of the Blue Man Group building.


As far as the sample pics go, Im sure as long as they aren't modified to remove the watermark, then she should be fine. I mean, they were given to her to print right?? I was also allowed by the employee that was at my kiosk to take my own picture of our onride picture. I'm sure it doesn't really bother them because the quality of the picture on my phone is terrible compared to what I could have bought.


Another thing. Really Adam? I had no trouble what-so-ever reading her post. Since when do we all have to be english majors to post here? She wasn't using l33t or txt speak. Do we really need to crack down on everyone for spelling and punctuation that has legible posts?

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