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Photo TR: Orlando's I-Drive 360 becomes Icon 360

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I-Drive 360 has quickly become a major staple for Orlando tourists and locals alike in the three years that it has been open. Home to what has been known as the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds and the Sea Life Aquarium along with several shops and restaurants, the complex has been rebranded as Icon Orlando--a credit to the Orlando Eye's status an icon for Orlando tourism.


Tonight Theme Park Review was invited to attend a media event previewing the new Starflyer opening at Icon 360 and to check out the rebranded complex with tastes of the restaurants' signature dishes and drinks. We also had a chance to check out all of the major attractions that anchor Icon 360.


If you haven't had the chance to visit yet, Icon 360 is definitely something that is well worth your time, especially if you're looking for a break from the parks and a quick bite.


First up was a visit to the new Orlando StarFlyer!


The Orlando StarFlyer logo...


This is the tallest StarFlyer in the world!


The Orlando StarFlyer complex also includes a tourist info center and the I-Drive Sky Bar for guests that need a little liquid courage before riding.


Here's an inside look at the I-Drive Sky Bar which will open with the Orlando StarFlyer!


Here’s a look at the ride control panel for the Orlando StarFlyer.


And some close-up details on the control panel.


The Orlando StarFlyer has a minimum height restriction of 44 inches and no maximum weight restriction, as long as you can fit securely in the ride seat.


A look at the back of the seats...


Including a laser-cut logo!


And the I-Drive Star Bar logo.


A look at the inner mechanics of the Orlando StarFlyer.


Check out the new look of the Icon Orlando terminal!


Time for some delicious food!


Tonight Sugar Factory brought their signature goblets to the Icon 360 party along with some delicious meatballs!


So many great options!


Tapa Toro's paella is the best!


Tin Roof brought their signature pork rinds!


So much food!


Outback had mac and cheese bites, sirloin steak and beer!


Some neat serving techniques for the event!


Shake Shack and Ben & Jerry's were both here as well!


Oddly enough, this was my first time trying Shake Shack and I genuinely loved the burger I had!


iLounge Istanbul had some delicious champagne cocktails!


What was previously I-Drive 360 has officially become Icon 360 as of today!


Let's check out some of the other attractions at Icon 360...


Laces out Dan!


Something new is coming to Madame Tussaud's in the near future and TPR will have more to share about it soon!


Sea Life's 360 tunnel is always a highlight!


Such a fun little attraction!


Nothing quite like getting your own car on the Icon (formerly known as the Orlando Eye)!


Here’s a look at the new Orlando StarFlyer with the sunset behind it as seen from the top the Icon.


A look at the Orlando StarFlyer plot where there is a colorful pavement to be seen from above.


It's a double rainbow! It's so intense!


Check out some of the interesting new merchandise options that have debuted at the Icon gift shop.


While at Icon 360, don't forget to visit Skeletons for a very unique experience...


My favorite section is the one featuring more "unique" skeletons .


The Icon looks fantastic at night!


The special lighting ceremony for Icon 360 included a fun little fireworks show!




The fountains out front are also a part of the show.


As we were leaving we were able to catch the Orlando StarFlyer testing with its awesome lighting package turned on.


It really is mesmerizing to watch! I genuinely can't wait to experience this for myself!

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The Starflyer looks great and I can't wait to check it out, was there any word on what pricing for it will be? $10? $20? 3 rides for $50? I really don't have any idea what they might charge for a standalone ride like that.


The "rebranding" event looked like a lot of fun but as much as I like the complex every time I visit it feels like it's completely empty. I don't know maybe it was just my timing but I've been there during the day, on weekends, at night, doesn't seem to matter. We hit the bars and shake shack after a concert on a Saturday night once and it was just dead, we just got the food to go and went to the hotel. Cool to see the Straflyer addition but I hope it brings some more business to the place.

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Looks like a fun way to spend an evening--get yourself dinner, a drink or two, then ride the Starflyer.


"A drink or TWO!?!" STARFLYER 360: when one drink is too many and a thousand not enough" (Actually, I'm glad I don't live nearby -- I'd probably feel compelled to give it a try.)



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wow. . great report!


my spouse won't ride a single thing there. . LOL (fear of heights), but I can just plop him down in the bar . . so I know where we're going to be stopping next time we do a trip to Tampa/Orlando!

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Looks like a fun way to spend an evening--get yourself dinner, a drink or two, then ride the Starflyer.


"A drink or TWO!?!" STARFLYER 360: when one drink is too many and a thousand not enough" (Actually, I'm glad I don't live nearby -- I'd probably feel compelled to give it a try.)




LOL - I was thinking the same thing! There aren't enough drinks on earth to get me on that Star Flyer, but I would definitely do Icon.


Thanks for the report, Adam - any report that has a guacamole photo is always good!

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