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  1. We went on opening night also and parked off site. Parking was an additional $20, but they had a couple of buses running. It was no more than 5 minutes between buses and probably about a 5 minute ride. All things considered, this was a great time, and a perfect addition to Orlando's Halloween events!
  2. Extremely excited for this. If we're looking 4 to 5 years out, I'm sure lots will change, so I'm guessing that's why they stayed vague. I also love that they made the announcement right before Disney opens their new land. Lol! (You've got a new land? Ha, we've got a new park/resort coming!) Got to love their continuous competition in CF.
  3. We love Dollywood, but have never been up there for Christmas. The pictures are great, thanks for sharing! Will have to plan something maybe for next year. Thanks again!
  4. Yes, the lighting packages look great. It's been years since I've been there at night so thanks for the report and great pictures!
  5. Looks great, and a perfect addition. Looking forward to going down there and seeing it this week!
  6. Thanks for the report. We have never stayed at the park late enough for this. We will definitely plan on staying sometime now. Thanks again!
  7. The place is great! Excited for the Skyflyer to open. Great report, thanks!
  8. Hey man, great report! We def have to get back to Hershey Park. It's been a while. Your pictures are awesome, hope to get there this year, thanks!
  9. Yes, yes, yes... will be riding it as soon as it opens. June 1st is the official date and I think they said $12 a ride, but it will probably open sooner with soft openings. Looks like it's going to be awesome!
  10. Awesome..I haven't seen a Skyflyer in years! We used to see them at the local fairs and they were great.
  11. This is great! Looking forward to heading back to DHS now for the Holiday Season! Really miss the Osbourne Lights, so this is great to see, Thanks for the update!
  12. Perfectly said! I'm just not sure about the late night express pass..didn't see anything about that this year. We went down last night (Sunday night) at 8 pm and got through 3 of the houses in an hour, left the park at 9:30, but it is still way early, especially since its the opening weekend. The best way to try and get thought them all is, like was said, is to be there and in one of the holding areas before the park closes, you'll be sure to get through at least a couple before it gets crazy. Also, the express lines seem to merge further back then in the past, so there is still a minimum wait at each house even with the express. It was incredible, especially the American Horror Story house! You're going to have a great time!
  13. Holy crap! So excited..gong there tomorrow night and Thursday night! Just purchased our Frequent Fear Passes..Every year just seems to get better and better! Thanks for the posts, really looking forward to it
  14. Fast And Furious is already on the way, going where Disaster/Earthquake was, opening next year.
  15. Looks great! Thanks for the post, we'll be down there next week for sure. Looking forward to it!
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