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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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^Klassy indeed!

Making jokes about the ads in the park were a common thing today, though inside we love the place


With this said, here's the opening day report! Our day started bright and early at 8:30, which consisted of DOUBLE RIDE ERT in the Roar Plaza (Consisting of V2, Roar, and of course Superman! I got about 6 rides in on S:UF, my 2 laps on Roar, and 2 rides in on V2). How's the double ride thing work anyway? Well, when the crowds are minimal it's awesome! When it's crowded like today, still neat but you can expect double the wait time. Want to make matters worse on a crowded day? Double rides, crowds, and single train op on both Kong and Roar. During our ERT session I still waited about 15 minutes in the station before we finally rode. The crew wasn't the fastest either. I skipped Kong and checked the Ride Hopper app. When I was going to queue for it, all switchbacks were full. The RH app showed that the wait was 2 hours long. Not worth it for a hang-n-bang. I have all season anyway.


The lockers were upgraded this season and offer some nicer options, and you can go back to them as many times as you want (goodbye single use) and you can even add time to it initially. So for 3 hours, we spent $3. And we could go back to it to grab goods (say we needed more sunscreen or something or I wanted to take a break and snap photos, I can). They also offer a multi locker use where you can transfer your space to another locker on the other side. So much improved over my last visit. Next visit I'm leaving my bag at home, primarily wanted to try shooting RAW today at the park. I can avoid the whole locker thing. On the flipside, having friends helps a lot as we all split the costs or take turns paying and stuff our goods.


The ERT helped a lot as shown. Afterwards, the crowds poured in and were relentless! I only got to ride Medusa (80 minute wait for double ride), Sky Screamer (was rather temperamental today), Cobra, and finally my Roadrunner Express credit I've been needing (Very brutal kid-DIE coaster). Pass processing line was a killer. Some people there clocked in 2-3 hour waits. I got in line at 5:30 (park closed at 6) and finally got into the building at 7...so 90 minutes later of standing. Yup, 'twas craziness! Other downers included employees clueless about Flash Pass operations and FP use was going out of control, easily tacking on an extra 15-20 minutes or so when your group is next in line.


So here's some photos from opening day, not that we got to do much (never made it to the back of the park or did any of the flat rides excluding Sky Screamer.


Good morning Medusa (approx 8:00AM)


Upon heading up the driveway, something seemed different about S:UF. A new catwalk and ladder were installed should the ride ever peak again (doubt it will happen again but who knows...)


And bright & early...ready to warm up on Superman Ultimate Flight!


Jeff and Rawkin get ready to take on their first ride of the morning


Sorry for the out of focus shot...but this is kind of how my brain was still waking up, capturing the moment of being there :)


And after a brutal yet fun ride on Roar, it was time to hit up V2...




Finally the sun comes out as we leave the Roar plaza...the last time we saw that plaza for the remainder of the day.


Wall-slappin' Stingray...possibly waving at us?




Venturing our way toward the season pass processing and a spin on Medusa/Kong




Wowsers...it's crowded! Well, there was a rope blocking off the rest of the plaza just beyond the crowd. But it was still very packed (more than what I'm used to for an opening day).


More Vekoma Hang-n-Bang shots...makes up for not actually riding it today


If you angle your shots just right, the ride's settings can look rather nice (as opposed to feeling like you're walking through a permanent carnival)






Well, let's ride something smooth while the lines are bearable.


Finally, after hoards of FP users, they finally get their ride in...their 2 rides that is :)



Wheee! Twistyyyyy!


Going up (again!)


Do a Barrel Roll!



Meanwhile in Medusa's station...


Come at me Bro!


The ghost train...


A somewhat distorted panoramic of the Oasis Plaza


Noted...really not worth pulling out your electronics... Whether if they actually enforce this is another story.


Meanwhile, season pass line is about 3 hours long...let's eat instead.


And after eating fish, it was time to visit some fish!


The so-called "Mater-Fish"...why I say that?


"Gotta git 'er done!"


Meanwhile, me thinks its time to get a new credit (finally)!


Our death chariot awaits...




Another coaster we did not ride...wasn't sure how slow the line would have moved and whether if double rides were happening on this...


So instead, some nice Vekoma porn for you all!




Hey Gold Striker elephant, we found your cousin!


Time to hit up Odin's Temple of the Tiger. First time I've been in this theater, done up really nice!


Cat airtime...




Ninja Kitteh Wall Jump


Bird enthusiasts...can you identify this bird? It's all beak at the end of the neck, that's for sure!


Back over to the Medusa plaza...crowds are relentless!



Never realized how nice all of these coasters look together :)



Back for more Medusa...80 minutes later...


Ironically as I read this sign, a group of 3 meet up with their group.


Almost up to the platform!




And over for the final ride on Sky Screamer.


Lines still alive and kicking over at season passs. Well, we need to do what we need to do.


Our view for the next 90 minutes :)


*Cues "Zelda Item Get" music*

Equip item. Press [ L ] to use.


Next up are what I call the Neon Sunset shots



And some evening shots as we head out...





'Night SFDK


Sun sets over the lake.


Until next time...

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Nice TR, I was at the park today and I have to say, those morning rides on Superman and V2 were well worth getting up early for! Also, was I the only one who was shocked to see a gate at V2's exit instead of a chain?

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Nice TR, I was at the park today and I have to say, those morning rides on Superman and V2 were well worth getting up early for! Also, was I the only one who was shocked to see a gate at V2's exit instead of a chain?


How busy was the rest of the day? How long did you wait to get your season pass processed? (When I stepped foot into the portable where they do processing I felt like I was at DMV ) I checked the Ride Hopper app (Nice to see that some people are using it) and saw that Kong had 105 minute wait, Roar being 30, Superman being 15, and Medusa at 50. I wonder how accurate those times were since they weren't the default estimated times the app gives.

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Nice TR, I was at the park today and I have to say, those morning rides on Superman and V2 were well worth getting up early for! Also, was I the only one who was shocked to see a gate at V2's exit instead of a chain?


How busy was the rest of the day? How long did you wait to get your season pass processed? (When I stepped foot into the portable where they do processing I felt like I was at DMV ) I checked the Ride Hopper app (Nice to see that some people are using it) and saw that Kong had 105 minute wait, Roar being 30, Superman being 15, and Medusa at 50. I wonder how accurate those times were since they weren't the default estimated times the app gives.


It was about a 25 minute wait to get in to the portable, and about anther 5 minutes inside. As for the lines, I didn't really go on much or stay to long because I was really only there for the early rides and to get my season pass, but I want to say that lines the app listed for Medusa, Roar, and Kong where accurate, since that where all apart of the whole "Double ride" thing and Kong and Roar where only running one train. But Superman is hard to tell because seemed like it was down a lot today. But I want to say at the peak it was probably a 30+ wait.

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Had a great time with the gang on Opening Day. The 2 hour early entry/ERT helped a ton as the rest of the day felt like 4th of July weekend. Double ride promotion was great though it made for double the waits. Here's to a new season!


Hello Superman!


Crowds awaiting Oasis Plaza to open..


V2 & the Sun..


Group pose!


Take the Shark Tunnel!


Boomerang (with a little saturation)


Toyota Stadium (Formerly Shouka Stadium)


AngryGumball finally gets his Road Runner credit!


Awesome elephant theming..


Miss "I Don't Wanna Get The Meat Inside The Pool" Tiger


Parrots are awesome!


Roar, Superman & Cobra together as one!






Superman Ultimate Twistyness!


Superman & The Catwalk & Ladder


Lake Chabot...


SFDK Skyline..


See ya next time SFDK!

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And I did not steal/borrow a little kid so I can ride Road Runner (I kept calling it Woodstock Express for some strange reason). The parent ahead of me asked if her 2nd kid can ride in my car. And the kid was terrified during the ride


I will say I did feel pretty dirty riding it but I got the credit now so that's all that matters

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^It's very abbreviated though. You can give them a signal to do a trick, give them a fish, take a pic petting them and then you're done. It all happens in about 1-2 mins time. Also it's limited (can't overfeed the dolphins) so if you want to do it, check the times and queue up early. It will sell out quick and just cause you are in line doesn't mean you will get to participate. All that said, it's pretty cool to pet a dolphin. I got to interact with Merlin when he was in Shouka... uhh Toyota Stadium back in 2008 (maybe 09) in a private setting. It was one of the coolest things I've gotten to do and a highlight of my employment at the park.

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^ I realize you're trying to keep things above board and all, but do you really think your average Six Flags worker would notice if the cup was from a different Six Flags park? I'd be surprised if they even bothered to check the year, let alone what park it was from. Just saying...

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I was kind of wondering/thinking the same. I know keeping hydrated down at SFMM is a must. I didn't get a good look at their cups to see if they are just generic Six Flags branded cups or if they have park specific branding. However the $15 price scared me off (Paid $8 for my CGA refill cup back in 2008, park has been fine letting me use it well beyond the 2008 season )


Maybe I'll just resort to asking for water in the paper cups since its probably free.

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