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Fantasilandia's New 2016 Coaster

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Fantasilandia is getting a new coaster for 2016, of course, the coaster is relocated from the park "Ratanga Junction" (South Africa) where it was called "Diamond Devil Run". The coaster is a Vekoma Mine Train 785m, the same model as Calamity Mine Train in Walibi Belgium.

Fantasilandia had to remove 2 dark rides (a haunted house and the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride), and had to relocate other 2 rides to make room to this coaster. We don't know how the coaster is going to be named yet.

The rails were painted red and the trains are already on the track, rumours say it'll have theming (Yay!) Maybe tunnels, vegetation or desert theming.

We were all hoping it'll be a big thrilling coaster, but at least this seems nice for the park



Remember the boomerang accident on January? Well, Fantasilandia is already working on it and is getting new trains, new brakes, and they're reinforcing the loop.


Pictures were taken by Wild Riders Chile:






I hope this gives a clue about the theming






Brand new train!



New brakes




Looks odd

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I'm also sad to lose a dark ride (or two), but happy that the locals are getting another coaster.


Same here. Are they going to build some sort of "mountain" for the ride to rumble around? That's what this banner implies.


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Same here. Are they going to build some sort of "mountain" for the ride to rumble around? That's what this banner implies.


I'm not sure, honestly I think it's a bit too much for Fantasilandia. Maybe it'll be like that but don't expect that the theming will be great, although Fantasilandia has put some effort on the theming lately (the Twist 'n' Splash theming was good)

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That thing that they're doing to the boomerang loop is really unusual. Have they ever done that before?


That's what I was wondering. I did a quick Google image search, but didn't come up with anything.


I've seen a lot of boomerangs, even weird ones, and never seen those extra supports.


Boomerang @ KBF is constantly needing its loop welded. Those extra supports will most likely reduce the need for constant welding. I'm curious to know why they didn't implement magnetic braking.

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Can someone explain what happened with the boomerang and why it has to be welded constantly?


The last car detached when they where going into the loop backwards but the rest of the train stopped suddenly with the Emergency Brakes, it wast weird because the last car made the whole ride backwards with no problem

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The new coaster is finished and it'll be opened to public on December/January. It's already been tested with people and seems like a fun coaster for the family


The boomerang coaster opened on Halloween with brand new vekoma cars.


Here there are some videos





Looks like a nice addition for the park. I know it's not completely finished yet but they could have put more theming on it, they just kept the theming of Ratanga Junction. We don't have big coasters here so you shouldn't be surprised if you think they're screaming a lot in the video





The new cars look great and I've heard these are A LOT more confortable than the old ones





Night POV of the boomerang

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