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Typhoon Texas

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Being a fellow Houstonian, this caught me completely off guard. Opening May, 2016




Press Release:


Katy Texas: TYPHOON TEXAS Breaks Ground

Local Businessmen—Keith Dalton, Terry Hlavinka and Ray DeLaughter are pleased to announce the most exciting recreational and entertainment venue to be built in the Greater Houston Area in the last 50 years. Ground breaking occurred today on TYPHOON TEXAS, a new waterpark in Katy, Texas.


TYPHOON TEXAS is being constructed as part of a 43 acre development east of Katy Mills Mall on Katy Fort Bend Road, just south of I-10. Keith Dalton, a Katy resident said, “The City of Katy has been very supportive of this project. We considered several locations but selected this site due to the strong Katy community and the proximity to I-10, Grand Parkway and Katy Mills Mall.”


TYPHOON TEXAS will put the City of Katy on the national map for family waterpark entertainment. This venue will be a great amenity for local residents and will attract visitors from all over the country. It should truly be a destination location for years to come,” says City of Katy Mayor Fabol Hughes.


TYPHOON TEXAS will be a major attraction for the Greater Houston Area. This waterpark will offer some of the best new rides and attractions available in the industry, including the new interactive game called Slide Boarding, which combines the water slide experience with gaming. Scott Haycock is a representative of WhiteWater—the premier industry supplier of waterpark rides. Scott states, “This ride selection is the best to be offered in North America in the last decade. Kids and adults will absolutely love this waterpark!” Aquatic engineer, Terry Brannon, is quick to point out other attributes of the waterpark, stating, “TYPHOON TEXAS will utilize advanced filtration technology and high turnover rates to provide the cleanest water of any park currently operating in the United States.”


This project has been in the planning stages for almost three years and has finally become a reality. The project team was determined to fill the void of an entertainment venue on the west side of Houston. “Our desire has been to build a fun project that adds value to the community. We have been extremely fortunate to have friends and family members that were willing to join us in this venture,” said Terry Hlavinka, who resides in East Bernard.


The project commenced construction on schedule and will open in May of 2016. Per Ray DeLaughter, “Due to investor support, we are well-capitalized and financed by Texas Capital Bank. With KDW as the general contractor, we expect no issues meeting our target opening date of May 2016.”


Keith Dalton and Terry Hlavinka have experience with successful developments in the area. Keith is President/CEO of KDW, which offers unique design-build solutions for industrial and manufacturing clients. Terry Hlavinka operates Hlavinka Equipment Company, which is engaged in the construction, agricultural and automotive industries. Ray DeLaughter is the CFO of VantageCFO, which is a financial consulting firm that provides CFO services to growing companies.


For more information, contact Ray DeLaughter at (832) 470-3164 or rdelaughter@typhoontexas.com


A little snippet from Chron.com, The Houston area newspaper, stating WhiteWater West to be the designer of the park.


Typhoon Texas' design company, White Water West, which has planned some of the most-visited water parks around the world, such as the Bali Waterpark and in Fushun, China and Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin, incorporated native plants into the landscape layout. Texas flags will be painted on building roofs and attractions. The park also has about 20 more acres where it will expand to feature more rides and eventually build its own lodging.





Aerial View of the park.


Birds Eye View from the Multi-lane racer.


Wave pool and Mult-Slide Tube Complex.


Lazy river, Kids complex, and The Family Tower.


Kid Park with Drop Pod Tower in the Back.


Full view of the entire right side.


This will be a great addition to the Houston area since it will service a completely different niche than Wet'n'Wild SplashTown. I can't wait to be there for opening day, MAY 2016!


Edit: http://http://typhoontexas.com/

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Looks like an awesome park, with a nice mix of slides! Can't wait to visit the park some day!!


I really like how the looping slide goes over the nearby slide!! Put an entire new meaning to "threading the loop!'


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I had heard they were going to build a water park in Katy Texas for 3 years. I'm glad to finally see it started. They definitely picked the right location by the outlet. It looks like it will be a great park. I'm also excited to see what Schlitterbahn Galveston does with more competition nearby.

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Happy New Year! I decided to do a little shopping today at Katy Mills mall, which if you recall is directly across from the new water park, and decided since I was there I'd drive around a bit to find out exactly where Typhoon Texas would be built. I guess by now I should have anticipated something other than a sign being there since the park is slated to open this May, but to my surprise, construction is well under way. I wasn't able to get a picture of it, but all the slice pieces have been delivered and are being stored in what I assume will be the parking lot. Several slides are already nearing completion, and the multi-racer mat slide has already been conpleted. Here's a few pictures I took from my car; it's looking nice already!


EDIT: Typhoon Texas has a mall booth/kiosk thing set up in the Mall near the food court with concept art including a 3D flyover of the park where you can ask any questions you may have or purchase season passes. It is located near the food court on one of the ends (I believe the one opposite to Books-A-Million?)


Also, to put this into perspective, the park is located across from the Burlington Coat Factory entrance.


Here is what is up closest to the mall; the slides on the far left are the drop capsule slides and a few other twisty ones, and the middle will be what the yellow and blue slide (family tower) in the concept art is (colors may not be final; I believe it may be called a constriction slide?)


Here's a close up of the drop capsule tower: as you can see the loop part of the aqua loop is already in place with the drop part still to be installed; the horizontal loop drop slide is almost in place, and a few smaller body slides are already done.


Here's a better view of the aqua loop; super stoked for this one!


The multi-racer is already in place at the far end of the site, and behind it lies parts after parts after parts for what's left to be installed.


Friendly reminder, the speed limit around Katy Mills and Typhoon Texas is 30mph

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