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[RCT3] Six Flags Adventure Kingdom

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Okay...so it took a while for me to set everything up for the grand unveiling, but I promise you guys, it's worth the wait!!!





In December of 1993, an auction took place in Kearney, Nebraska. The item for sale was not an "item" per se, it was a massive sprawling theme park that had been the crown jewel of the town of Kearney...Several large amusement companies participated in the auction, such as Six Flags, Herschend, and Anheuser-Busch. Surprisingly, Cedar Fair did not participate in the auction and possibly had no interest in buying Riverwood Theme Park...In addition to the amusement companies, a number of residential construction firms had an interest in buying the land the park sat on, razing Riverwood Theme Park, and replacing it with condominiums and apartments....


In the end......


Riverwood Theme Park was sold.....



To Six Flags for 200 million dollars. Six Flags, being a respected player in the amusement industry, obviously had big ideas for the park and with the amount of money they invested in the park, they planned to deliver on these ideas as quickly as possible. Shortly after the sale, Six Flags confirmed that Riverwood Theme Park was slated to re-open in the spring of 1994 under the new moniker "Six Flags Nebraska" along with a brand new themed park expansion which included a brand new roller coaster...



COMING 1994: DC Universe! This new themed area will feature attractions themed to beloved comic book characters from the DC universe such as Batman and The Joker!



NEW FOR 1994: Batman: The Ride, a thrilling suspended "swinging" roller coaster built by Arrow Dynamics featuring high speed swooping turns and twists! At 130ft tall and with a top speed of 56mph, it is the tallest and the fastest suspended roller coaster in the United States!



Joker's Jinx, a truly X-Treme experience, riders are flipped upside down on this Intamin-built swinging inverting ship ride seven times and are left to hang upside-down for several seconds!





Gotham City Dodgems and DC Comics Theater round out the new ride collection with an assortment of family-friendly entertainment and fun!


Also, with Six Flags taking over Riverwood Theme Park, the names of two roller coasters will be changed to coincide with attractions at other Six Flags properties. Cobra will now be known as Viper and Pipeline will now be known as Ninja

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I like the choice of rides in the new DC area. The naming was predictable, but the type of rides weren't. A swinging suspended Batman is really unique and fits the theme well.


Batman and the Pipeline coaster will probably cause more problems with reliability, but it gives the story more fuel. I like it, nice work.

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New ownership brought forth several aesthetic changes to Riverwood Theme Park, now known as Six Flags Nebraska. Along with the obvious addition of new rides and attractions in a new DC comics themed area, many of the pre-existing roller coasters were given new paint jobs...




The first thing people will notice is that the original Riverwood Theme Park entrance building was replaced with a brand new Six Flags themed entrance.



Throughout the time the park was closed, the white paint of Bobs had begun to chip off. Instead of repainting it the same color, Six Flags decided instead to strip the entire coaster of it's paint and let it have a natural wooden color, like Rattlesnake.



Serpent and Junior Serpent were both given a bright teal/aquamarine color scheme.



Steel Sidewinder adopted a brown color scheme on it's tracks, which in my opinion does NOT look good at all next to Serpent.



One of the most radical and noticable changes to the coaster collection is the repainting of Ninja from a grey color to a bright red/hot pink color. Also, metal rings were put up around the lift hill and in-line twist of the coaster, most likely for decoration.



Of course, when the park re-opens in April, the most obvious difference would be the addition of the new area!



The photographer that took this set of photos was able to get a nice shot of Batman-The Ride doing a test run. Unlike other Arrow suspended roller coasters like Iron Dragon that don't really have that much swinging action going on, Batman definitely does!



While the park seems to have given new life under Six Flags, there were unfortunately, a few ramifications...The sale did not include the site of the former Riverwood Zoo. While the amusement park side is given new life, the zoo side remained completely abandoned with no sign of development....

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Hey guys, I know I haven't been updating that much and I do apologize. A lot of things are going on and making my park really wasn't on my mind for the past few weeks. I hope to resume this park soon and I thank you all for your patience..

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I really owe you guys an update, I've been gone for far too long due to certain things going on in my life. Hopefully, the SFN drought is over from this point onward!




April 28th, 1994 marked a momentous occasion...As it marks the grand re-opening of the famed Riverwood Theme Park under the new name, Six Flags Nebraska! A huge ribbon cutting ceremony was just one of the many exciting things going on that day!


Six Flags had marketed the opening of Six Flags Nebraska as the opening of a totally brand-new Six Flags park, however coaster enthusiasts and the people of Kearney, Nebraska knew the true history of the park damn well. Despite not being easily deceived, they were still happy that the park had re-opened after a disastrous final season under Richard Riverwood's ownership.



No sooner than when the red ribbon was cut, the floodgates opened and people poured into the park like there was no tomorrow!



Just a mere twenty minutes after the park opened for the first time since the summer of 1993, lines for the rides and coasters, including the famed Rattlesnake wooden coaster had exceeded more than an hour wait.



The newly re-branded Arrow multi-looping coaster Viper still remained one of the most popular attractions in the entire park.



However, the area that most people flocked to was the brand new DC Universe themed area, which was completely overrun with eager guests just an hour into the re-opening!




While being drastically different from other coasters named Batman-The Ride in the Six Flags chain, Six Flags Nebraska's own Batman-The Ride still drew a huge crowd from the coaster enthusiasts, some going as far as to rank it the best out of the suspended coasters, even beating the legendary Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in some lists!



After a tumultuous couple of years, truly seemed like things were finally looking up for Six Flags Nebraska....Due to the sheer amount of coasters in this park manufactured by Arrow Dynamics, roller coaster enthusiasts have come to nickname Six Flags Nebraska as "Arrow Land". Despite this, hopes remained high that under Six Flags' influence, the park will soon be home to the newer generation of Bolliger & Mabillard and Intamin AG creations....Only time will tell....


Also, this marks the point in time where I, your narrator Joseph Wallace, will start to make appearances in the saga. In fact, next update will feature me and my first endeavors on roller coasters as a young kid!

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I love how the backgrounds of Six Flags Nebraska are mountains x)


confirmed giant green screen among the cornfields, or a really good editor of photos!


either way, the park is really cool. I love it!

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