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Anybody but me watch American Idol?


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Season 4, any favorites?


Don't feel bad... I am an avid watcher....


I think for the girls, the favorite is Carrie Underwood. I saw an MSNBC poll the other day and the people who voted for her accounted for 51% of the vote. My personal favorite is the girl Michaela... she just reminds me of a cross between Fran Dresher and Barbara Striesand, which is probably why she won't win.


Of the guys, I like Travis... wow! what a handsome guy and great smile, I also like the chubby not to attractive guy Scott, but I think the two "rockers" are favored, along with the guy with the dreadlocks.


Shari "I make no apologies for loving reality tv" Shoufler

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I LOVE Reality TV. Survivor, Amazing Race, Idol, LOVE It.


For the girls, Nadia Turner is my favorite. I also favor Mikalah Gordon (Yes, someone else thought she sounded like Fran Dresser!) and Carrie Underwood AND Vonzell.

For the guys, I like the school teacher Anwar Robinson.


I typically favor the female vocalists.

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This is the first season of Idol where I'm starting to lose interest. I saw seasons 2 and 3 in their entirety; and I saw the last half of season 1. This season is just so... uninteresting. I'm really not developing any favorites. I think Mikalah and Nadia have the most potential. However, I usually end up leaving the room before the show is over. I think the show is starting to overstay its welcome.


Edit: I just checked http://idolonfox.com/contestants/ and saw that my favorite guy got voted off (Judd), and I didn't even know it, I must have changed channels too soon. Oh well.




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My girlfriend got me hooked and my Tivo doesn't miss a single one. I have to admit though that it is not as much fun since most of the bad people are gone. I am a little bit of a sadist and really enjoy getting a good laugh out of the misfortune of others (at least when it comes to singing).


My Favorites:


Scott Savol - Good soul voice

Carrie Underwood - Angelic Voice



Anwar Robinson

Mario Vazquez

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I agree, Janay should've been sent packing, not Aloha! As for the guys, they had to go. I want Travis to leave next week. He can't sing, only can dance.


I'm rooting for Nadia still. We'll see something amazing soon, I hope!

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It was rigged as a attempt to make the movie more popular.


Ok... that one took me a minute, then I got it.... duh! Seriously, though, what does everybody think of the top 12 (ok, those of you who actually care!)


I was truly surprised at Scott and Mikalah, given that there were "better looking" more "mainstream" people (Travis and Amanda) in the bottom three with them. I could not have been happier because I really like both of them, and as I said in a previous post think that Mikalah has a great shot a career just based on the fact she could become an actress and play Fran Drescher's daughter ("The Nanny" reunion show!!! LOL) She's just a cutie. And didn't everybody have a guy like Scott in their high school? Not real good looking, kind of awkward, but really sweet and talented?


I don't expect either of them to win, but then again, I think it's all about who's doing the voting......


Shari "always roots for the underdog" Shoufler

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My thoughts on the final 12:


Anthony Fedorov - He's ok, but too much like Clay Aiken I think. I think he'll last a few weeks, but I don't think he's Top 3 material and probably not top 5.


Anwar Robinson - He's excellent. I think he's absolutely Top 3 material and has a very good chance to win it all.


Bo Bice - I really like him and I think he's very, very good. I think that he's possibly Top 3 material and definently Top 5. I'd really like to see him win because he's so different from past winners, but I just don't know that he'll appeal enough to the bigger voting demographics to win.


Carrie Underwood - I also really like her. I think she is Top 3 material and has a very realistic chance of winning it all because I think she has excellent crossover appeal from all of the voting demographics.


Constantine Maroulis - I really haven't found any sort of connection with him and I don't think he's even in the top half of the guys side. I think at most he'll last 3 to 4 weeks.


Jessica Sierra - I wasn't real thrilled with her in the beginning, but I'm starting to change my mind. I think she has the potential to be one of those contestants that gets better every week and if she does I think she could be Top 5, but I don't think she'll win.


Lindsey Cardinale - I've like her from the beginning (I love husky-voiced female artists). I'm not sure that she'll be steady enough, week in and week out, throughout the entire competition, so I think she has a 50-50 chance of making the Top 5, but I don't think she can win it, but I'd be happy if she did.


Mario Vazquez - He's another one I haven't been able to form a connection with. I think he has a lot of talent and is probably in the top half of the guys side. He's got a chance at the Top 5 and maybe even a very outside chance of winning, but my feeling is that he won't.


Mikalah Gordon - For some reason, she just really irritates me. I think she's ok, but she doesn't seem to be improving nearly as much as some of the other contestants. I think that if she has another performance like the one on tuesday's (3/8/05) show, she'll be gone within the first 3 weeks, but if she can pick it up, she could last a while.


Nadia Turner - I think she has good potential and could make the Top 5 unless she gets caught up in one of those weird voting weeks (like last year when Jennifer Hudson, LaToya London and Fantasia Barrino were the bottom 3 one week).


Scott Savol - I just don't like this guy and I don't know why really. I think he has talent, but, even though it's not right, I think his look will eventually be too big a hurdle to overcome because I don't think he'll appeal enough to the people who vote the most. Obviously Ruben Studdard showed that a big man can win it all, but Ruben has that elusive "thing" that appeals to so many different people and Scott just doesn't have it IMO.


Vonzell Solomon - She's definently got talent and a certain amount of charisma, but I think she could be another one of those people that gets caught up in one of the weird voting weeks and could possibly be gone earlier than expected.


My personal Top 3 are Anwar, Carrie and Bo, with Lindsey and Jessica rounding out my Top 5.

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^ I agree with you-for the most part-.....


I still can't figure out how Ruben won season 2, and even though he supposedly is doing well on like the R&B charts and such, I can't see him having the overall appeal in the long term that Kelly is probably going to have. Same with Fantasia.


Which brings me to my point... they (Simon, Paula, Randy, Seacrest) keep saying that they are looking for a "pop star"...OK... Kelly is singing POP songs. She's on the Billboard top 40, that's pop. Clay is singing more adult contemporary and I am pretty sure that Fantasia and Ruben are going more for the R&B. Looking at the front runners (Carrie, Bo, Nadia) I really don't see them fitting into the "pop" genre either. There are several of the past years finalists who are doing well with songs in other markets (ie Josh Gracin, he's had a couple of country hits). I think there are going to be many music careers come out of American Idol, but not necessarily pop star careers.


Shari "I still like the pink haired girl from season 1" Shoufler

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Yeah, unfortunatly I have fallen into the American Idol obsession, but I'm not sure how much of this season I'm gonna watch. Basically I was a season 1 fan, and I liked 3, but yeah. I'm starting to really not like it anymore. They really do need to stop after this season.

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