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Anybody but me watch American Idol?


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Mikalah has an outstanding voice, in my opinion. It's very strong, especially for someone who is only 17 years old. But, she does really need some fine tuning. I find her gorgeous. I can totally see Mikalah taking over when Britney retires and goes "Mommy". She has the look, the voice, the presence, etc.






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DUDE!!! So they messed up with the voting numbers and are redoing the damn show tomorrow (yesterday's performances and some new ones) then revoting, and showing the results show Thursday.


Either way this is bad...they are either stupid enough to mess up, or stupid enough to think this is a cheap way to get an extra show in!


Elissa "one of the people they screwed over wask Mikalah!" Alvey

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This week was fantastic! My favorites this week in order were: Carrie, Vonzell, and Jessica. Nadia is usually one of my favorites, but this week she was lacking.


Lately Mikalah hasn't done well but I do enjoy her personality! And she is hot for 17.


Carrie this week was fantastic. I've always enjoyed Vonzell but this was the best this week. I didn't enjoy Bo this week and I usually do. I thought it was quite bland. What was with the guitar black guy, that was ghetto.

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I thought Federov looked really hot last night (surprisingly)! His voice is not that of a pop star, however. He has a pure voice with a heavy vibrato, he belongs in musical theater.


I want the Top Three to be: Carrie, Vonzelle, and Nadia.


The guys can kiss my ass. I don't like any of them. Nikko is too "Whiney R&B", Anwar looks like a Black Fabio, and his voice is annoying. Constantine thinks he's the $hit, but he's not. Bo needs a haircut.


I was sort of sad to see the No-Neck Porn Star go (Jessica), she had a really good voice.


Vonzelle, honestly, she sounds a lot like Whitney Houston. Everone is assuming Carrie is gonna win, but Vonzelle could pull a ninja sneak attack.


Nadia, I just love. She has the personality, style, and the voice. If she doesn't win, I hope she gets a record contract anyway. Same for Vonzelle. Carrie has a great voice, but she's a bit too twangy for my liking.




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^Yeah it almost seems like Carrie belongs more on that "Nashville Star" Country music american idol show.


She needs to get out of the Country music twang if she's going to win.


Elissa "who cares about idol, lost is on tonight!!!" Alvey

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From some scary fan board...


looks like it's Scott, Nikko, and Vonzel(sp?) in the bottom 3...and NIKKO sent home...why in the hell is Scott still there!?!?


Elissa "why am I watching this show this season??" Alvey

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